It’s hard to believe, but we’re nearing the end of good old 2023 — a year that broke up every celebrity couple in existence, saw Bad Bunny go back to his 2015 trapero days, and gave us the tea on how Shakira found out Gerard Piqué was cheating (that strawberry jam proves not all heroes wear capes). Seeing as none of 2023’s events were on our lotería cards, why not vote on just how wild they were?

We present to you mitú‘s Lotería Awards, where you can vote for the cutest Pareja del Año, the most jawdropping celebrity chisme, and even our Mascot of the Year (we may be picking those aliens presented in Mexican Congress… or maybe that Met Gala cucaracha).

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2023 almost bubbled over with all the boiling-hot tea, even seeing Bad Bunny somehow feud with a cellphone in Dominican Republic. We got new celebrity romances no one expected (will Rosalía ever star in “The Bear” now?), tons of indirectas in songs (we’re looking at you, “Mi Ex Tenía Razón”), and very strange occurrences like an enchilada-loving bear (relatable).

Ahead, find all of our Lotería Awards categories, where you can vote on 2023’s most memorable chisme, jammable music, binge-worthy shows, drool-worthy Galán del Año, and even the fashion gurus with all the best ‘fits. And yes, we’re all having trouble picking just one!

Abuela-Approved Chisme of 2023

We may just crown 2023 “The Year of Chisme,” because oh did we have a lot to talk about. From the backlash to Yahritza Y Su Esencia‘s comments on that Mexican press tour about preferring unseasoned chicken, to Bad Bunny feuding with a cellphone, to Shakira finding out Piqué was cheating after noticing someone ate her strawberry jam… this year was a ride. And yes, our abuelas kept us up to date.

2023 Lotería – Chisme
Cast Your Vote For The Abuela-Approved Chisme of 2023

The Breakup That Had Us Telenovela-Crying The Most


What was in the water this year that caused so many celebrity breakups? Sure, we’ve heard of the “seven year itch,” but we raise you the “2023 itch.” Sofía Vergara and hubby Joe Manganiello? Filed for divorce in July. Rosalía and fiancé Rauw Alejandro who announced their engagement with their cute “Beso” music video? Very over. As Becky G, Ricky Martin, and Shakira proved, no one was safe.

2023 Lotería – Break-up
Cast Your Vote For The Breakup That Had Us Telenovela-Crying The Most

The Cutest Pareja del Año

On a lighter note, though, this year also gave us some very-adorable celebrity couples. We’re feeling very high school yearbook right now, but why not vote for the best “Pareja del Año”? Karol G and reported boyfriend Feid are the “Fairly Oddparents” we never knew we needed, while Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner… well, they do Gucci ads together and go horseback riding. So there’s that!

2023 Lotería – Couple
Cast Your Vote For The Cutest Pareja del Año

The Moment That Wasn’t On Our 2023 Lotería Card

Barely any of 2023’s news stories were on our lotería cards, with every month proving to be more surreal than the last. For one, Bad Bunny and Pedro Pascal teamed up on SNL as nosy tías that made us relive all our very-Latino traumas (that cookie tin for sewing supplies!). Tourists kept climbing Chichén Itzá and probably getting cursed by Maya gods, and oh, United States Congress is finally warming up to the existence of aliens. We were not ready:

2023 Lotería – WTF moment
Cast Your Vote For The Moment That Wasn’t On Our 2023 Lotería Card

The 2023 Movie That Had Us Passing The Hot Cheetos


While we mourned our favorite celebrity couples, and even felt overwhelmed by the news cycle, at least we had great movies to watch? We definitely passed the Hot Cheetos and sour candy while watching all of these, laughing out loud at Salma Hayek‘s stellar performance in the latest “Magic Mike” installment, crying like La Llorona at America Ferrera‘s “Barbie” monologue, and feeling seriously-inspired by the origin story of “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos” in this year’s Eva Longoria-directed “Flamin’ Hot.”

2023 Lotería – Movie
Cast Your Vote For The Movie That Had Us Passing The Hot Cheetos

The Song That Cured Our Corazón — Move Over, Paquita La Del Barrio

So many of us needed to cure our corazón this year, because, well, tóxic@s abound. Personal heartbreak aside, though, at least we had these songs to pull us through? While all of these made our Spotify Wrapped, Karol G’s “Mi Ex Tenía Razón” captured our hearts with its Selena Quintanilla references — and the alleged indirectas to ex Anuel. Still, “Según Quién” by Carin León and Maluma is the track to sing to ahogar las penas (with a side of mezcal, of course). How to choose?

2023 Lotería – Song
Cast Your Vote For The Song That Cured Our Corazón

Our Mascot Of The Year


This year, we had tons of Most Valuable Players that made our lives that much more interesting… and funny. That cucaracha walking the red carpet at the Met Gala made our entire lives, and we’re still wondering if it got VIP dining access once inside the event. The late Walter Mercado somehow got an AI avatar on Cameo, aliens exist now, we all tried to copy La Monja de la Feria‘s dance moves, and we even learned about a Mexican, enchilada-loving bear. One other special recognition, though? That mosquito that gave us the buzz on Benito and Kendall Jenner’s possible romance.

2023 Lotería – Mascot
Cast Your Vote For Our Mascot Of The Year

The TV Series That Had Us Too Invested

We spent much of this year watching series with Latino leads, with tons of bingeable content flooding platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Yes, 2023 was undoubtedly Jenna Ortega‘s year, much due to her deliciously-dark performance in Netflix’s “Wednesday.” But we also couldn’t stop watching Hulu’s “This Fool,” a hilarious series about living in South Central Los Angeles that the New Yorker hailed “summer’s best comedy.” Consider this a great list of show recommendations, too:

2023 Lotería – TV
Cast Your Vote For The TV Series That Had Us Too Invested

Our Fashion Guru of the Year 

Ah, we’re never not obsessed with any of these celebrities’ ‘fits, giving us couture and incredible streetwear in the blink of an eye. For one, we’ve been major fans of Cardi B‘s style ever since she stepped out in that vintage Thierry Mugler “Venus” gown at the 2019 Grammys (an iconic, mermaid-coming-out-of-a-seashell moment). Still, stars like Jhayco and Selena Gomez don’t stop giving us lewks, either.

2023 Lotería – Fashion Guru
Cast Your Vote For Our Fashion Guru of the Year

Is It Hot In Here? Pick Your Fighter For Galán Del Año 

Ah, we’ve finally come to our favorite part of the Lotería Awards. We kid, we kid… or not. Each of these leading men made 2023 that much… well, steamier, and we’re not mad about it. Yes, Pedro Pascal is a verified “zaddy,” Devin Booker seems single now (!) after his breakup with Kendall Jenner, Gael García Bernal has kept our hearts in a chokehold ever since “Y Tu Mamá También,” Oscar Isaac is, well, Oscar Isaac, and Matt Cedeño is admittedly the reason we’re obsessed with Netflix’s “Best. Christmas. Ever!” Now brace yourself and choose just one:

2023 Lotería – Galan
Pick Your Fighter For Galán Del Año