Breaking — Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner just had a very romanticón horseback riding date together, and let’s just say that wasn’t on our 2023 bingo card. “Pasión De Gavilanes” who?

The two made their way over to Hidden Hills Equestrian Center in Bonsall, California on Sunday, laughing and taking selfies for an hour and a half. While Kendall Jenner has ridden horses for most of her life and actually owns two horses named Belle and Dylan, Benito has showed off his equestrian interests in the past, too. As you might remember, the reggaetonero rode into the music video of his 2017 song “Tú No Metes Cabra” on a white horse while drinking from a plastic cup— and history was made. More recently, he also rode a horse on the beach in his “Moscow Mule” video… while naked (ouch).

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As the two bond over their shared interest in horseback riding, “Lo Siento BB,” but love may be on the horizon.

Everything to know about Benito and Jenner’s horseback riding date

As you can see in the paparazzi photos obtained by TMZ, the two rode the same horse together, with Jenner in front. The two smiled for selfies Jenner snapped, while laughing and enjoying the sunny day. At another point, you can see Bad Bunny ride the horse solo, while the model takes photos of him. While the date had major telenovela vibes, we’re just wondering— does this mean Benito and Kendall are officially together?

There’s no word yet on whether Bad Bunny and Jenner (Bunner? Kendunny?) are a couple, but they have been spotted together multiple times. Last week, the two were seen “openly kissing” at L.A. restaurant Sushi Fumi. A source told U.S. Weekly the possible couple were “very affectionate” throughout their dinner together.

Meanwhile, gossip account DeuxMoi posted a text thread of someone who was at the restaurant that night. The source wrote that Jenner’s security team was at another table, and the couple ordered “so much food.”

So now the real question is: romantic date… or a paparazzi-friendly photo-op? As they say, the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder! Only time will tell.