mitú mission is 100% focused on creating & curating content 
that authentically reflects the US Latino experience and sharing 
it with the world.

Continue to evolve the brand that speaks authentically to the 200%
generation. (100% American. 100% Latino)

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The Market Opportunity

The US Latino Market is
America's Sleeping Giant

U.S Latino GDP: 7th Economy of the world (Bigger than Russia or India)

Latino Businesses represent 86% of the total new businesses in America.

Latinos represent 69% of the net growth of new home
ownership in the US.

Latinos watch more online video, share more content on
social media, use their smartphones and use social media more
than any other ethnicity.

Cultural Influence

Latinos are reshaping
American pop culture.

Latino albums are now more popular than country records in the U.S.
A latino reinvented the way american history is told and is writting the music that will define the lives of our kids: Lin-Manuel Miranda.
More latino acts and latino headliners in Coachella than ever before.
Cardi B. the new voice of female empowerment, the soundtrack of millennials and gen Z, the face of Pepsi, the poster child of what 200% influence is all about.
Cultural Influence

Latinos are reshaping
American pop culture.

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