It’s not everyday you see a quinceañera make her debut on a noble steed, but that’s exactly what one girl in Nuevo Leon, México decided to do. Showing off her gorgeous blue gown to her guests as she rode a white horse, no one predicted what would happen next. 


cómo cuando seda ala fuga la quinceañera

♬ Un velero llamado Libertad – José Luis Perales

As shared by TikTok user @alexisgomez424 in a viral video set to the hilarious tune of “Un Velero Llamado Libertad” by José Luis Perales, the still-unnamed girl steadily rode the horse at her own quinceañera. She looked super glam too, decked-out in a blue gown with a corset, an updo, and full makeup. As graceful as ever in front of all her loved ones, all was going well until the horse decided to take matters into its own hands (or hoofs) and say bye, Felicia.

Even though the quinceañera looked like she was in control of the horse, it suddenly decided to escape, running up a nearby hill — while she was still on it. As the video shows, the horse did not stop, eventually going beyond the hill in a way that said to everyone “hasta la vista.” The girl’s family soon began to run after them, including a man with a lasso.

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Unluckily for us, the video stops before we get a full resolution of what happened. As you can expect, TikTok users are now making all kinds of theories about where the quinceañera is now, and they’re hilarious.

Amassing over 29 million views, it’s no wonder the unidentified quinceañera is an absolute sensation, almost becoming a modern myth in her own right. Social media users everywhere continue to wonder where she is, with one viewer writing, “She just passed by my house here in Durango 😂😂😂😂” and another joking that she and the horse have now made their way over to San Luis Potosí.

The quinceañera is now akin to an old wives’ tale.

One TikToker commented, “They say they’re still chasing her till this day…. 😂” and another agreed: “Legend has it that he keeps running!” Yet another commenter joked, “The story says that the man with the lasso still keeps running after them” and we honestly can’t stop laughing. 

Tons of users are now questioning what happened to the quinceañera, where she is now, and if they ever got a hold of her and the horse. While we hope more information comes to light about her whereabouts stat, as one TikToker commented, “At least she looked majestic riding away!”