We can’t get enough of a good quinceañera: sparkly ball gowns, crowns and tiaras, incredible food, fire cake, dancing old school salsa and some Bad Bunny — what’s not to love? 

That being said, one of our favorite parts of any quince is the grand entrance. The moment a girl becomes una mujer, entering the party room with a beaming smile — we’re getting emotional just thinking about it. Maybe that’s why Veracruz-based Bárbara Monserrat’s entrance into her own quince is making such huge waves on social media.

Monserrat recently celebrated her quinceañera in her hometown of Veracruz, Mexico, but she chose to spice it up and do something very unique. Rather than arrive at her quince in a standard car, she chose to ride a buffalo instead. Dressed up to the nines in a blue gown with full hair and makeup, Monserrat rode the buffalo from the church all the way to the party hall.

With photos of her quinceañera buffalo ride becoming immediately viral across social media platforms, the 15-year-old didn’t want to simply have an “average” entrance — so she made it her own. Making the story even better? The 1,700-pound buffalo’s name is Bella (yep, we’re obsessed). Plus, as seen in videos of the ride, Monserrat was accompanied by several family members, including a little girl dressed exactly like her — riding what appears to be a smaller buffalo of her own.

As Monserrat explained to Univision Noticias, she felt “nerves” about falling, but thankfully was A-okay — and looked happy to have done something different with her epic coming-of-age party.

Since photos of her buffalo ride began circulating social media, Monserrat has reportedly experienced bullying and negative comments. Still, as seen in her interview with Univision, the quinceañera seems unfazed by the negativity — and is really just living her best life!