It’s not everyday you hear about a 300-person quinceañera — especially when the cumpleañera in question is actually a dog. Loving owner Juan Ramos decided to throw an epic quinceañera party for his adorable 15-year-old chihuahua Clarita, and yes, we’re obsessing over it.

As Ramos explained to Univision’s “Despierta America,” “My intention in doing this was to take care of her, have her, and thank her,” for all the love she brings to their lives. Ramos said that the party was a great time “to share” with family and friends, and that it was all about celebrating Clarita, his “compañera” and “the source of happiness at home.” 

So, of course, time to get into all the details of the epic party Ramos threw for his favorite pup. Clarita wore a pink satin and tulle gown for the occasion, and even got a photoshoot where she looks like una reina if we do say so ourselves.

Turning 15 years old is not an everyday occurrence, so it makes sense that Ramos went all out for little Clarita. The 300 guests danced, laughed and ate dinner at the event space in honor of the now-iconic dog.

Ramos also coordinated a special vals or waltz for Clarita, and brought in family members as official escorts of honor. The two “chambelanes” that accompanied Ramos gave their all to the waltz, while Ramos held up Clarita and danced with her around the room. 

The dedicated dog owner told Univision that he will celebrate all of Clarita’s future birthdays. Meanwhile, he also said that he planned the party for “a year,” and that her gown was made-to-order and designed especially for her. 

While Ramos has received some backlash about the quinceañera, his response is simple: Clarita is “family” to him.

Clarita now has an official TikTok page, and we can’t stop, won’t stop. One shows her enjoying a pink fur bed she received as a gift at her quinceañera, which immediately got an “awww” from us. Happy birthday, Clarita!