Parenthood is a significant step for a lot of people. Sometimes, folks plan things out, and the arrival of a little one is expected.

Other times, it’s a surprise for everyone involved. Anuel is a Puerto Rican rapper and father of three. In addition to his chart-topping music, the performer has entered the Latino consciousness because of his somewhat messy personal life. 

The public nature of his life has facilitated the people’s belief of women who come out saying they’ve borne his child. This was the case with a recent video posted by the Instagram account of El Gordo y La Flaca. The video shows a young woman claiming to have had a child with Anuel. 

She is claiming that Anuel has been an absent father and now wants to sue her for parental rights

The woman, whose online name is Nebrazkha, states she had a baby with the rapper after a recent tour in Venezuela. Nebrazkha explains how she had the baby, but he said it couldn’t be his when she told him about it.

The reasoning she gave? Anuel couldn’t believe that a child of his would be so fair-skinned. 

She then explains how she has been raising the child herself without help from the rapper. But now, he wants to be in the child’s life and is suing her for custody. 

The video was posted to El Gordo y La Flaca’s Instagram account and quickly gained traction among the followers. Since it wouldn’t be the first time this happened to Anuel, many found this to be a credible story.

One person asked, “Are condoms out of style?”

“With Nacho and Anuel, small towns in Spain can become populated,” another added.

Others told her to reach out to Tekashi 69 for monetary help since he was “supporting” his other kids.

But in the end, it wasn’t true — the video was a satire on Nebrazkha’s TikTok. 

Nebrazkha called out media companies who didn’t fact-check if the story was true or not

It turns out that the TikToker has several celebrity-related parody videos where she pokes fun at different people. This one happened to be one of her Anuel-inspired videos.

In this video, she takes a break from her usual content to call out the publications who didn’t fact-check the story. Nebrazkha notes that anyone who takes a serious look at her TikTok channel can see that her videos are all parodies.

The TikToker captioned her video, “I don’t have anything else to say! Do your job before sharing that kind of news.”

She noted their duty was to accurately report the facts and not base things on her “storytime” videos. Nebrazkha says that it was clear they were only after “likes” and “views” by sharing news that would help their accounts go viral.

“Before publishing news of that caliber, you should first have facts that support the statement. But above all, be sure that this news is factual,” she says.

Anuel AA has taken issue with El Gordo y La Flaca in the past over their coverage of him and his private life

The TikToker behind the account @jaxxchismetalk explained how Anuel has made it known that he’s had issues with how the famous Univision program covers his life. He has gone as far as calling them “unprofessional” in their manner of storytelling.

After an interview, the talk show conducted with Yailín la Más Viral and Tekashi 69, he called them out on Instagram. 

“It’s assumed that you guys are professionals but you are two people who are going around trying to destroy my life,” he writes.

Anuel continues, “Spread peace throughout the world instead of doing this foolishness (nothing professional) […] It’s embarrassing to interview people who don’t know me to talk about whatever for money [.] It’s not the first time or the last time you guys do it.”

In a separate post highlighted in the video, Anuel admits that he would never do an interview with the talk show.

“You guys are desperate for me to give you an interview and I never do them. [N]ot even if you ambush me would I do one,” he asserted.