Melissa Vallecilla, the 28-year-old Houston mother of Anuel AA’s child, is finally speaking out.

The former finance student of Colombian heritage met the reggaetonero at a party hosted by Drake in September 2021. She recalls how both her and Anuel experienced un flechazo, and let’s just say cupid got to work. Vallecilla became pregnant with his daughter that same night, as confirmed by two positive paternity tests.

Still, she’s now calling out Anuel for being an “animal” that doesn’t recognize her child.

Last week, Anuel confirmed his official separation from Yailin La Más Viral, who is currently pregnant with their future daughter Cattleya.

In that same IG Live announcement, he also took the time to talk about Vallecilla — and their 8-month-old daughter Gianella. He said: “I have nothing to hide. If I have a daughter I’m going to take care of her and she will live like a queen because [I am] a king.”

That being said, Anuel also showed his anger — or disbelief — regarding the situation with Vallecilla. “If you think you’re going to make a movie bien cabr*na to be famous or take millions from me… If that was the plan, you crashed into a wall, because [that’s not going to work].”

Quickly, Vallecilla took to social media to defend herself, and their baby daughter. Although her Instagram post has since been deleted, People en Español reports she said: “Only an animal like you says lies about the mother of his child. Why don’t you talk about all the stupid things you’ve done?”

She said she would soon “explain” everything Anuel has done (or hasn’t done) in light of the situation. She also asked, “Where are all the people who said he would never reject his own blood? Don’t get confused.”

Vallecilla has since explained that Anuel’s father Jose is the one who assures Gianella is provided for. She told Telemundo the reggaeton singer “pays child support,” but has never met the baby (even by video call). He has allegedly never called Vallecilla since she gave birth. Vallecilla also says Anuel wants her to sign a confidentiality contract so she doesn’t speak to the media.

More shocking? While the baby currently has Anuel’s last name, Gazmey, he reportedly wants to take his last name away from her.

Vallecilla sat down with Telemundo to talk in depth about meeting Anuel, defending her side of the story. She told Hoy Día that the two indeed met at Drake’s party, where the reggaetonero was “cariñoso” and immediately very “passionate.”

The woman had “always liked” Anuel from watching him on TV and listening to his music, and she says she isn’t trying to look like a “saint” to anyone. They had sexual intercourse that night, and while Vallecilla said she had “the T” (an IUD), Anuel did not use a condom. She was “sure she wouldn’t get pregnant,” but she did— that very same night.

Once she did a pregnancy test and realized it was positive, she “cried” and “cried,” but reminded herself: “I’m an independent, working woman… I will have the baby.”

At that point, Vallecilla tried to get in contact with Anuel, but her texts and calls weren’t going through. She eventually contacted him through a mutual friend, which led to both her and Anuel doing DNA tests. The test came back positive, meaning Anuel was the father.

However, while Anuel reportedly does pay child support, Vallecilla is still “furious” at his lack of responsibility. Although she alleges Anuel told her he “wouldn’t fail her,” he has not met Gianella, and reportedly doesn’t recognize her as his child.

Vallecilla explained, “Now he isn’t recognizing our daughter. He said he would have his first daughter with Yailin, knowing that’s not true. He has two positive paternity tests.”