It seems like Anuel AA and pregnant wife Yailin La Más Viral are asking themselves “Que Nos Pasó?” amid their confirmed separation. The “La Jeepeta” reggaetonero took to Instagram Live to share the news about their breakup, and gave insight into how he’s feeling now.

Anuel AA and Yailin’s relationship was always tumultuous

Anuel AA and Yailin officially confirmed their relationship back in January 2022, and things moved quickly. The Dominican dancer and influencer posted a cute video on IG kissing boyfriend Anuel, captioning it with, “My malote.”

Meanwhile, the reggaetonero confirmed the romance on his side by posting a similar IG video the next day. His caption? “They can talk all the sh*t they want… I’m never going to leave you alone!!!!! 👹❤️😈👩🏼‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽😍😘🥰💍.” As you can expect, fans went crazy.

The whirlwind continued— and became more shocking by the day. Just days later, Yailin posted a video of Anuel putting a gorgeous diamond ring on her finger. The dancer says, “Engaged already,” and hints at a future wedding.

On Valentine’s Day 2022 (A.K.A. Anuel’s ex Karol G’s birthday) the two released a song together titled “Si Tu Me Buscas,” posting a now-iconic IG video promoting it. The two were heavy on the social media romance, which only impulsed the public’s interest in their relationship.

That same month, Anuel wrote Yailin a beautiful caption on Instagram, saying: “Thank you for coming into my life and saving me from myself… I am the happiest man in the world when I’m with you… the woman of my dreams.” He also called Yailin his wife in the post, but that would truly come just a few months later.

The two acted like “two kids” together

In March, the two posed for People en Español, and gave even more insight into their relationship. Yailin said, “We are us, the same person in different bodies” and said they acted like “two kids” together. Anuel agreed: “With her I don’t have to hide in any way, or change anything.”

By June 10, the two were married at a civil wedding, looking happier than ever.

Anuel AA captioned a video of the laidback ceremony with: “Everything in the hands of God… WORDS DON’T MATTER ANYMORE.”

Meanwhile, Yailin wrote on her own IG page that she “had never imagined that moment,” but thanked her husband for giving her “happiness.” She said she hoped they would “last years and years giving each other all the love in the world,” but sadly, that wish wouldn’t come true.

After the wedding, divorce rumors began to swirl by the second half of 2022. That being said, the two put the rumors to rest when they announced something very special: Yailin’s pregnancy. On November 21, Anuel and Yailin posted matching IG videos of the couple’s gender reveal party. Anuel captioned his post with, “I’m going to be a dad,” telling Yailin he loved her.

Meanwhile, Yailin wrote, “I always asked God to give me a family with the man I really loved, thank you God for giving me what I always wanted.”

The video announced they were having a girl, and soon enough, the future Cattleya Gazmey Redman already had an adorable Instagram page. In it, the pair began to share videos of their ultrasounds, and of Yailin’s pregnant belly:

This is what Anuel AA had to say about his separation from Yailin

Amid all their beautiful moments together, the couple still called it quits. Anuel said on his recent IG Live video that although he’s “super happy” waiting for daughter Cattleya, he and wife Yailin “are no longer together because of life situations.”

Still, the reggaetonero said it is “sad that she is pregnant and they can’t be together, having a family under one roof, but… they’re not together.”

Because we need all the chisme, we wish Anuel would have given just a bit more information about their reasons for calling it quits. That being said, he doesn’t want to “make a circus” talking about the breakup. Instead, the singer told everyone to “support Yailin” in her music career.

He also told his fans that Yailin has “changed her lifestyle,” and that “even with so much bad press” about her, she is a “better human being” now. He also said she has a “good heart.”

Anuel ended his message on a positive note, saying Yailin will always be “the mother of his daughter,” and “will always be” his family. He said he plans on supporting her music career, and called Cattleya “la nena de papi” already.

Only time will tell what will happen next— the two are notorious for their ups and downs, after all.