It seems like Bad Bunny is lending truth to his “El Conejo Malo” moniker after all. The Boricua reggaetonero threw a fan’s phone while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, and people are very divided about it.

Everything that happened when Bad Bunny threw a fan’s phone

A viral video shows the “Moscow Mule” singer walk alongside his entourage at La Marina de Casa de Campo in La Romana. Fans begin to crowd him, talking about wanting to give Bad Bunny “a hug” and saying “how cute” he is.

At that point, a young woman approaches the star with her phone and begins taking a selfie with him. Bad Bunny proceeds to grab her phone and throws it in a nearby body of water. The woman looks shocked, and turns around to see where her phone went.

You can hear several onlookers react to the move: one man says, “Ahí te burlaste,” accusing the singer of “making fun of” the woman. Another exclaims, “Wow, for real?” Bad Bunny then explains, “Respect my space.”

Fans have very mixed reactions to the clip

While one man tells the reggaetonero “We love you anyway,” not everyone feels the same. Once the video went viral this week, some fans took to Twitter to express their frustrations. For example, one user called the move “unnecessary and rude.”

Another user agreed, saying she got “mean vibes” from the singer after watching the clip.

Several more people have even tweeted about Bad Bunny now being 2023’s first canceled artist after the incident.

It’s clear many people are angry about the video, with some even saying they would “slap” the star if he threw their phone. Still, many fans are instead choosing to understand the singer — opening up a conversation about the price of fame and losing personal boundaries.

Bad Bunny’s response to the controversy

Even more people chose the middleground, saying “both are wrong” because “you can feel disrespected and not destroy someone’s property.” Meanwhile, Bad Bunny himself chose to defend himself over on Twitter, writing: “Someone who comes up to me to say hello, tell me something, or get to know me, will always receive my attention and respect.”

The star continued, “I’ll consider those who put a [damn] telephone in my face for what they are, a lack of respect and I’ll treat them the same.”

To add insult to injury, this isn’t the first time El Conejo Malo comes under fire for tossing a fan’s phone. Back in August 2022, a fan threw a phone at him while performing at an Atlanta concert. A TikTok video shows the phone actually hit the “Callaíta” singer, prompting him to pick it up and throw it behind him. Even more, other incidents that night included people going up on stage, creating a potential security nightmare.

As each of these events show, there’s no doubt being the undisputed “rey del mundo” comes at a price. While Bad Bunny himself raps “está cabrón ser yo” in a track off his “YHLQMDLG” album, he also deals with a lack of privacy and boundaries every day. Cellphones changed the fame-game forever with the rise of selfies, and the singer might have just reached his breaking point.

As someone who has spoken out about his mental health battles and feeling “overwhelmed” by fame, Bad Bunny surely hopes fans will learn from 2023’s official #phonegate.