The Met Gala this year might have given us a slew of insane moments— as in countless celebs dressed as the late designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat— but it also gave us something hilarious. Sure, we had Bad Bunny in a 26-foot-long floral train and Salma Hayek petting Jared Leto in a giant furry cat costume, but we also had something even more unexpected. Move over designer gowns, this year’s Met Gala brought us a very special guest, otherwise known as la cucaracha.

Yes, the rumors are true: a cockroach appeared on the Met Gala’s carpet last night, and reporters went pretty crazy. The cockroach’s life was sadly cut short by someone who stepped on it (R.I.P.), but before its death, it walked the Met Gala carpet and even got photographed. What other cockroaches can say that?

Everything to know about the Met Gala cucaracha appearance

As several onsite Met Gala videos show, photographers caught wind of the cockroach while waiting for more stars to arrive. You can see the insect run around the carpet as people scream “No!” and “Go that way!” and honestly? Justice for the cockroach. Suddenly, someone yells, “Get a photo!” which prompts a photographer to do just that. At that point, the iconic Met Gala cucaracha snap was born, and the fashion world was never the same.

While there’s no word on the cockroach’s posing skills, it seems like it was the first of its kind ever to be photographed at the Met Gala. Goals. Still, Variety reported that someone soon stepped on the poor cucaracha— and who else is feeling pretty sad about it?

The Met Gala moment no doubt became one of the most crucial in cockroach history— well, at least since the iconic song “La Cucaracha” (which actually goes back to the early 1800s). Still, even that song was low-key mean to the cockroach— as in, “ya no puede caminar, porque no tiene, porque le falta una pata para andar.” Why make the poor insect leg-less?

Yes, people can’t stop making Met Gala cucaracha memes now— and we’re not complaining

Whether you’re team cockroach or never hold back with la chancleta if you ever see one at home, as you can expect, people can’t stop meme-ifying the Met Gala cockroach moment. Of course, we had to round up all the best ones— because they’re epic.

First up, this year’s Met Gala theme might not have been alien-insect species, but if it was? The cockroach would have killed it:

Even though the cockroach seemed to have sadly been squashed before the after-party, its spirit no doubt kept dancing:

Reason #67584 the internet is amazing? People comparing la cucharacha to Becky G’s probable cheater ex-fiancé Sebastian Lletget:

Not to be outdone, Shakira fans also tagged the cockroach as Gerard Piqué (LOL):

Did the cockroach also dine with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour?

All we know is that the cockroach no doubt served:

Move over Jenna Ortega, Pedro Pascal, and Maluma… this outfit is epic:

And this one is making our faces look like the crying-smiling emoji:

Someone painted the Met Gala cockroach because people’s (lightning-speed) talents will never cease to amaze us:

And last, others imagined the cockroach speeding off into the sunset in their roachmobile: