The Met Gala 2023 is over, but the tea is still spilling. While the celebrities dined, wined, and gossiped, the experts, amateur fashionistas, and make-up artists analyzed and dissected every look. Meanwhile, the rest of the mortals laughed at the cats (in plural) and wondered how many pearls were worn, why Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner didn’t show up together, and why Rihanna was so late.

The event highlighted this year’s exhibit titled “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.” This gala is a tribute to Lagerfeld’s legacy as a renowned designer who led fashion houses such as Chanel, Fendi, and his eponymous label. 

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First, let’s enjoy the family reunion of the Latino celebrities invited to the gala 

Pedro Pascal showed his “slutty knee,” appearing in shorts, and color coordinated his shirt and coat with his “sister,” Salma Hayek. After bonding at the Oscars, the Latino stars must have agreed that red was their color. He was wearing Maison Valentino. She was, of course, head to toe in Gucci, adorned with Lagerfeld’s iconic pearls. 

For her part, Salma’s bestie, Penélope Cruz, was one of the hosts of the Met Gala in 2023. The actress wore a vintage Chanel gown that Lagerfeld created, which reflected her Spanish heritage. 

On the other side of the family were the youngsters: Cardi B, Maluma, Anitta, Selena Gómez, and Bad Bunny. The three have strong musical connections and have collaborated and met at different award shows and festivals.

Other Latinos were also in attendance, like Aubrey Plaza and Jenna Ortega, while everything looked fantastic under the eye of event designer Colombian Raúl Ávila. 

Good things come to those who wait

Rihanna is definitely an honorary Latina, but never has she been more deserving than last night. Ri Ri showed up almost four hours late. Let’s hope it wasn’t a consequence of anything serious.

J. Lo was also one of the last ones to arrive. She showed up alone, to the dismay of many on the internet looking forward to more photos of Ben Affleck’s bored face to create new memes.

While Benito and Kendall didn’t arrive as a couple, they left as a quartet. The model, her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and Bad Bunny were seen entering their hotel in New York after the event.

And the cats, you may ask? Well, Choupette, Karl Lagarfeld’s cat, didn’t show up, as many expected, but in her absence, three doppelgangers made it to the Met Gala. 

You already saw Doja Cat with Bad Bunny above. Now, enjoy Jared Leto and Lil Nas X paying homage to the designer’s beloved pet.

This Met gala was a contrast to previous ones. Most people understood the assignment and tried to honor Lagerfeld’s immense contribution to the fashion world. But, as you saw, some people can’t or won’t stop serving the weird, and we are all for it.