Ben Affleck is a man of many talents, one of which is his ability to speak Spanish. It came as a surprise to many when he started to conduct interviews in fluent Spanish.

However, he had never used his bilingualism superpower for good — until now.

Affleck was driving in LA when a paparazzi tried to get his attention. First, the cameraman tried in English, but since Affleck ignored him, he switched to Spanish. However, the man didn’t get the answer he expected.

Ben Affleck’s easygoing Spanish is even inspiring

It’s cool to see Affleck using his Spanish language skills to defend the little ones, and it’s funny to throw a “cabrón” as an emphasis. 

But what makes this interaction particularly remarkable is how worried he was about the children, although it’s not a surprise.

In addition to being a talented actor and director, he is also a vocal advocate for children’s rights. Ben Affleck has been very outspoken about his belief that the paparazzi should not be allowed to harass or intimidate the children of celebrities or children in general. 

He has even testified before the California State Assembly about the issue 

He spoke from personal experience about the negative impact that intrusive paparazzi can have on children’s lives. 

In 2014, Affleck and his then-wife Jennifer Garner successfully supported a new law in California that increased the penalties for paparazzi who harass children. The law allows for fines and other consequences.

On an anecdotal note, Affleck told who writes this note in 2020 that he learned Spanish when he was 13, after spending a year in Mexico to film a kids’ TV series. He even shared that his favorite word is “sacapuntas.”

Back then, he insisted that his Spanish wasn’t very good. However, he knew enough to become a superhero on the playground.