Pedro Pascal kicked off Mental Health Awareness Month a day early and without intending to. The Internet’s favorite daddy, or “zaddy,” shared one of his secrets to deal with anxiety during a conversation with his The Last of Us co-star, Bella Ramsey.

The actors were at Deadline and HBO Max’s For Your Consideration (FYC) event for “The Last of Us at the Directors Guild Of America when Bella noticed Pedro putting his hand over the pit of his stomach, which is something he often does, during photo shoots and red carpet moments.

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She puts her hand over his and, when he notices, asks her, “Do you know why I do it?” She answered, “No,” and with the sweetest expression, he explained: “My anxiety is right there.” 

It was a moment that took the breath away from Pedro Pascal’s fans and everyone who suffers from anxiety. 

Particularly because the Chilean actor kept breathing purposely, inhaling through his nose, and exhaling through his mouth, a well-practiced technique for all people with those kinds of episodes. This reporter knows it well.

Pedro has been very vocal about his struggles with anxiety 

In a 2019 interview with The Guardian, he revealed that he has dealt with it since childhood, and it has affected his work and personal life. 

“Anxiety is something that I’ve lived with since I was a child, so it’s a part of my chemistry. I don’t know what kind of person I’d be without it. It’s something that I manage, but it’s also part of what makes me, me,” he said.

“I know that I have to put myself in high-stress situations to be happy. I mean, within reason. But there’s a certain level of anxiety that helps me do good work. It helps me be aware of the things I need to be aware of,” Pascal added.

While it seems that he has learned to use his anxiety to his benefit, no doubt, after years of therapy, it’s also apparent that it’s still a problem. Just take a look at the following photos.

Whether Pedro Pascal’s anxiety is something genetic or a result of childhood trauma (The Balmaceda-Pascal family had to escape Pinochet’s henchmen in their homeland of Chile), it’s genuinely heartbreaking to think that, while the world celebrates his talent and the fans think about his outfits and looks, Pedro was dealing with something gnawing at his belly.

At least, now the world knows and can send him calming energy and even more love. Only the brave expose themselves like that. Gracias Pedro.