Sound the alarms. Rosalía, 31, and Jeremy Allen White, 32, seem to still be going strong after they were seen on a romanticón farmer’s market date back in October. Fast-forward to this month, and Us Weekly just reported that two are officially an item. Are we into this? Actually — yes, chef, we might be.

A source told the outlet, “Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White have recently started dating… They started out as just friends, but things have turned romantic recently.”

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The Brooklyn-born actor and the Spanish singer are giving fans lots to talk about, because, well, who would have thought “Motomami” world would collide with “The Bear”? However, the unlikely pairing also sort of makes sense — in a manic pixie dreamland kind of way. I mean, look at them buying flowers at a Los Angeles farmer’s market:

As one X user put it, the couple’s alleged romance is “what dreams are made of.” Another put it like this: “Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía are literally a match made in heaven.”

Their celestial romance aside, though, we’re very obsessed with their latest paparazzi snaps. Sashaying across a glamorous red carpet, perhaps? Chilling on a yacht off Ibiza’s coast? Not quite— actually just taking a cigarette break in a parking lot while leaning on someone’s Honda Civic. We really need an update on who the car owner is, by the way.

We’ve rounded up the best memes poking fun at Rosalía and White’s smoke break

While the couple’s latest public outing was a bit anti-climactic, at least we got great memes out of it.

There’s so much to analyze here, even apart from the mysterious Honda Civic. What parking lot is this? Why are the reported lovebirds wearing matching sneakers?

Speaking of sneakers — that entangled leg positioning is very romantic if you ask our abuelas. And are they or are they not having a deep talk about existentialist dread?

One last question, as is now being pointed out by leagues of Motomami fans: since when does Rosalía smoke? As she once said on a radio show, “The truth is I don’t smoke. I can’t, I can’t. Because I’m very careful with my voice.”

Anyway. Here are more paparazzi photos of Rosalía and White, who were even seen embracing at one point:

Now on to the delicious memes. Or decidedly undelicious, at least when thinking about what “The Bear” actor would maybe cook for Rosalía:

The hair! The vibe! The probable, very-French cigarette breaks between shifts at Gusteau’s! Linguini and Colette from “Ratatouille” are Rosalía and White’s spirit animals:

Why did they have to do Jeremy Allen White this way? And why is it unfortunately, sort of accurate?

Move over Coachella, this looks like an activity Rosalía and White could maybe get behind:

One X user described the paparazzi photo perfectly when they wrote how much it reminds them of their “waiter days.” The sheer accuracy:

White, you should probably learn how to fire up some croquetas and pan con tomate stat:

Did Rosalía slide into White’s DMs? We hope Rauw Alejandro isn’t reading this:

What is happening with all this White-as-a-rat imagery? Who else sees this similarity?

We haven’t even seen a proper kissing picture between these two, but this is already our chismosa reaction (sips tea):

Just like alleged couple Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner, Rosalía and White do not make any sense, but also do:

All we know is that these two are definitely “pure vibes”: