Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro may have ended their engagement. Still, the Spanish singer is defending her ex-fiancé and their love after speculations on their split circled the internet.

Not even 24 hours after the Puerto Rican rapper set the record straight on his Instagram Stories, Rosalía wrote a message on her own Instagram Stories regarding their relationship. She shared how she feels about him, while requesting “respect” during these difficult times.

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The ex-couple announced their decision to separate this week after a three-year relationship made public in 2021. Confirming to PEOPLE that despite the “love and respect” they have for one another, they agreed on going their separate ways.

Now, both are proving their love story was one we can aspire to by defending it even after its end.

Rosalía speaks out in defense of Rauw

The Catalan songstress, who recently ended her Motomami World Tour, took to her Instagram Stories on July 27 with a short but poignant message.


“I love, respect and admire Raúl very much,” she started. “Don’t pay attention to theatrics, we know what we lived. This is not an easy moment, so thank you to everyone for understanding and respecting.”

Known for being private about her personal life, the message came as a surprise.

Rauw called Rosalía the “truest love story” God had allowed him to live while addressing infidelity rumors

One the rumors circling the internet after their breakup was that Rauw had cheated on the “Hentai” singer with Colombian model Valeria Duque.

However, the “Playa Saturno” artist didn’t let these spread, shutting them down with a heartfelt message toward his fans on Instagram Stories.

“I never found myself in the position of even thinking that I would have to make public statements on this private matter for me,” he wrote. “Yes, a few months ago Rosi and I ended our engagement. There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup, but in our case it was not due to third parties or infidelity.”

Adding, “During this time that I am taking to assimilate all this, erroneous public allegations have arisen, and out of respect for her, our families and everything we’ve lived through, I could not remain silent and continue watching how they try to destroy the truest love story God has allowed me to live.”

“With nothing else to add, to my fans, I love you very much, thanks for being here.”