Excuse us, we’re a little bit shook right now at a resurfaced video by psychic Vieira Vidente. Her 2021 YouTube video titled “Rosalía Y Que Le Espera Para 2022” predicted Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro‘s breakup with scary accuracy… making the psychic “right once again.”

TikTok user @xmcustodio posted a hilarious video explaining how his mom already knew the two famous singers would break up.

“I had to call my mom and let her know that Rosalía and Rauw broke up,” he described. “You know what mom said? ‘Oh I knew that. I knew that was going to happen.'” Why do Latina moms always know?

How? The TikToker’s mom explained to him, “[Vieira Vidente] is always right.”

“Everything she says makes so much sense,” the TikTok user told his followers, awe-struck. “This was a year ago. This was last year.” What sorcery is this?!

One very important detail from the psychic’s video, at least in light of those cheating allegations on Twitter? “It will be a separation for professional reasons, I don’t see it as a separation because of a third [person]. I don’t see it that way,” Vidente explained.

A TikTok user resurfaced psychic Vieira Vidente predicting the shocking breakup

As @xmcustodio explained in his viral video, “My mom knew Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia wasn’t going to make it because Vieira Vidente said it. It was in the cards!!”

The video, which has since gotten more than one million views, resonated with many of the psychic’s longtime fans. One user commented, “I love Vieira! She’s my girl with the cards.” Another added, “She is spot on always.”

Vidente is extremely popular— as one user put it, “Yup I love watching all her videos and she’s been right all the time.” That being said, Latina moms absolutely love her. Yet another viewer wrote, “My mom watches her too 😭,” with countless other comments echoing it.


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♬ BESO – ROSALÍA & Rauw Alejandro

Vieira Vidente’s September 2021 video on Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s breakup might shock you— it’s that accurate.

In the video, the psychic starts with, “Rosalía is very, very in love, just like Rauw Alejandro. They are both completely in love.”

However, she predicted trouble in paradise. “[Rauw Alejandro] would like to have a family with her. Get married, have kids.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t see them getting to the altar. I don’t see that they will have the kids he is planning with her.”

The psychic’s cards showed her “betrayal,” as well as the picture of a wheel. “Both are spinning at the same time, her in her lane, and him in his, in their professions.”

Other cards showed Rauw Alejandro was “pensive” and “was scared the relationship would end.”

“The cards are telling me they will fight for the relationship with everything they have,” she said.

She said that while Rosalía had “jealous” tendencies, he was “defending their love” and what he felt for her.

“Do they love each other to get married and have kids? I don’t feel it that way,” she explained. “If they are together from now until the start of 2023 at the most… I see a separation.” Okay, we need Vieira Vidente to give us a reading stat.

Just like Vieira Vidente, it seems like many Latina moms always knew, too

Later in the psychic’s resurfaced video, she even predicted how the two stars’ breakup would go down.

“By 2023, each of them will go their separate ways and say that their love ended. They won’t give many details.”

“They will say they loved each other a lot,” she said. “But will let people know the relationship couldn’t go on.”

The statement sources gave about the breakup? The stars have ended their engagement “despite the love and respect the singers have for one another.” Vieira Vidente strikes again.

As one Twitter user told the psychic after reports of the breakup surfaced, “I never doubted you.”

Another added, “Vieira Vidente had already talked about Rosalía and Rauw’s separation a year ago. I believe everything that woman says.”

Hilariously, it seems like tons of moms already knew the “Beso” singers would break up, too. Why? Because, well, Latina moms are all a bit psychic in their own right. We don’t make the rules!

One Twitter user explained how her mom told her: “I already knew [they would end it], she told him, ‘Baby, don’t call me, I’m busy.'” “Despechá” did fuel breakup rumors back in summer 2022.

Don’t be surprised if your mom tells you, “Chica, I knew it already, Vieira Vidente said it,” one of these days”

Other Latina moms’ reactions to the news? Well, some choose to go the “He is a mujeriego just like all men” route:

Others, shocked by even the possibility Rauw Alejandro could cheat, have already declared him “public enemy” LOL:

Some moms are hopeful Rosalía might end up with her reported ex-boyfriend C. Tangana:

And yet another mom “always knew,” and said Rosalía “deserved better.”

No matter your opinion (or your mom’s) on the reported breakup, one thing remains true. Vieira Vidente is legit: