Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía might be music’s favorite couple, but they have relationship tension just like the rest of us — at least when working on songs together. The two hitmakers sat down with Spanish streamer Ibai to talk about their relationship, their first impressions of each other, and how making music together isn’t so easy.

The interview is a top-tier 25-minute watch, and we recommend every second of it. Arguably one of the best parts of the video? Rosalía explaining that she thought Rauw was completely different when she met him. In fact, she thought he was kind of a “bad boy” until he completely surprised her by being emotional.

Rosalía explained, “I had lost all faith in masculinity, and when I met [Rauw], it changed my perspective… All the men I’ve had around me were emotionally unavailable.” However, meeting the “LOKERA” star was the “first time” she didn’t feel that. In fact, she felt Rauw Alejandro “wasn’t scared to be loved,” and the rest was music romance history.

All romantic parts aside though, Rauw Alejandro also dropped a bomb during the interview that we’re not sure Rosalía appreciated too much. We’re sure they laughed it off later, but just around minute 5, things got a bit awkward. At least when the Puerto Rican singer and dancer had to talk about his experience working with girlfriend Rosalía on their upcoming collab “RR.”

The interviewer started out by asking Rosalía what it was like working with longtime boyfriend, Rauw. Her response? “He flows a lot… But he has his vision, his way of making music, his style… he has a strong personality.”

Still, she said he “adapts a lot” to others, and goes with the flow more than she does (Rauw definitely agrees — but more on that in a bit). Rosalía shared that when her boyfriend “has a vision, he defends it” all the way, and doesn’t overthink his taste.

However, it was soon time for the interviewer to turn to Rauw Alejandro and ask him the same question about Rosalía. The “Punto 40” singer was not ready to answer it — he joked how he was wishing he wouldn’t get asked that question. That being said, he said he was “100% more go-with-the-flow” than Rosalía when making music.

Rauw Alejandro started off by asking whether he should start with the good or bad — that’s when everyone knew it would get a tad spicy. He continued, “She’s a bit intense, it’s hard.” Woah.

While the singer asserted it’s not always easy working with her, it’s okay for him — because he knows her inside and out. “It’s not complicated for me because I know her. It’s more fluid, it’s easier, I understand her, I know how to communicate with her.”

In fact, although sometimes they butt heads, Rauw Alejandro explained he knows “how to say things, when and where.”

So what happened when Rauw didn’t like a part of their collab… but Rosalía did? Well, he had to strategize. LOL. He remembered, “If I didn’t like a part of a song, I waited for the right time to tell her. Or I would team up with the other producers, like, ‘Look guys, we’re all going to say that this is what we like.’ I did that twice.” We can’t get over this!

Rosalía looked visibly surprised during her boyfriend’s explanation, gasping and maybe low-key wanting to kill him for saying all this in an interview. Or maybe not! Either way, she joked, “I guess I had to come to this interview with Ibai to find out things.”

Did they talk about this later? We’ll never know.

However, Rauw Alejandro also shared what makes Rosalía such an incredible musician. He described, “At the same time… Her being like that, demanding and thinking things over a lot, has brought her where she is today. And I respect that, too. Rosi has around 40 Grammys at home.”

We can’t wait for their collab EP “RR,” which we can all finally listen to on Friday, March 24.