No Motomami tour? No problem. While Spanish singer Rosalia’s world tour hit cities like Guadalajara and Buenos Aires last year, it noticeably left out Peru from the equation. Of course, Rosalia‘s Peruvian fans were majorly disappointed— so one YouTuber decided to bring some “Bizcochito” sweetness for all of them. Yes, Peruvian YouTuber iOA recreated Rosalia’s entire “Motomami” concert in Lima, and sold more than 3,000 tickets. Iconic.

iOA is known for imitating several artists on his YouTube page, such as when he recreated Rosalia and J Balvin’s “Con Altura” looks, or went full Karol G when doing the “Tusa” video. In short, this isn’t exactly new territory for the YouTuber, but he undoubtedly took his talents up around 5 million notches this time around.

Here’s everything to know about the game-changing “Motomami” tribute

The YouTuber’s tribute show to Rosalia was held at Lima’s Amphitheater Exposition Park on Saturday, March 4, and was an unforgettable night. He and his über-talented backup dancers imitated the “Despechá” star’s dance moves to a tee, and he lip-synced all of her fan-favorites. Thousands of fans sang along to hits like “Saoko,” “Bizcochito,” “Chicken Teriyaki,” and “Motomami” as iOA paraded around in custom costumes. Just one look at the elaborate set design and choreography would make many think it’s actually Rosalia performing:

Of course, landing a tribute concert like this wouldn’t be possible without tons of hard work. Just like Rosalia surely gave her blood, sweat, and tears to make her global tour a massive success, iOA gave this show his all. He explained on his Instagram page, “After four months of rehearsals and keeping it a secret, you can buy your tickets!”

He continued, “[This is] the most important tribute I can do!!!” explaining that there would be many surprises for fans throughout the concert. He also posted a video showing how he transformed into Rosalia’s lookalike with makeup and a long, dark wig. This was no doubt reminiscent of the star’s iconic song “Saoko,” which includes the lyrics: “I am very myself, I transform/ A butterfly, I transform.” We love to see it.

iOA got emotional during the show and talked about fulfilling a childhood dream

The YouTube sensation also thanked his incredible “Motopapis,” A.KA. his team of backup dancers, once the show was said and done. He wrote on IG: “They gave everything yesterday!!! Talented! Fun! Dedicated! I love them!!!!”

iOA dubbed the entire experience “El Miji Show,” and gave every second of the concert his all. As per ABC Gente, he told the audience he would always “imitate concerts locked in his room” as child so no one could see him. He described, “I can’t believe that so many years later I’m doing this in front of 3,000 people.”

Moreover, according to Variety, the YouTuber actually went to Rosalia’s show at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall back in September, where he surely took lots of notes.

As you can imagine, the internet is going crazy over this concert, because, well— it is pretty insane. As one Twitter user wrote, they “can’t stop watching the TikToks” of the show, and we can’t either:

Another chimed in, “It’s crazy how real it looks 😭,” with one other user agreeing: “Every video I’ve seen of the fake rosalia concert in Peru has been absolutely impeccable.”

Are imitation concerts the next big thing?

Others are getting inspired by the general idea of recreating big stars’ concerts with lip-syncing. We do go to clubs and sing to DJ music, and this is just like that— except on steroids. A Twitter user wrote, “Can’t stop thinking about the fake Rosalia concert in peru, I want to go to a fake concert of my faves so bad now.” Did iOA just take us to the future?

Another talked about the future openings for other imitation concerts, showing just how much of a great idea it is. They explained, “I don’t think any living artist has promoted a touring tribute concert… for the right kind of legacy talent there is something here.” We have to stan.

The best part of all? Rosalia found out about the concert, and her comment is everything. She wrote on TikTok, “Parallel dimension unlocked”:

We hope Rosalia makes it to Peru next tour— and hopefully mentions this game-changing concert.