Two of music’s brightest luminaries wrote their love story together to the rhythms of reggaeton, bachata, and flamenco. But their story seems to have come to an end.

This week the couple announced their decision to separate after a three-year relationship, PEOPLE confirmed. The now thirty-something former couple, who painted a vivid picture of their love in public since August 2021, have decided to bring down the curtain on their engagement.

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Rauw speaks out against infidelity rumors

Since then, the internet has speculated all kinds of cheating rumors. But Rauw quickly put an end to the rumors with a heartfelt message he shared on his stories.

The message alludes to the cheating rumors circulating, which he denies, saying his and Rosalia’s love is the “truest love story God has allowed him to live.”

He goes on to say, “I never found myself in the position of even thinking that I would have to make public statements on this private matter for me.

Yes, a few months ago Rosi and I ended our engagement. There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup, but in our case it was not due to third parties or infidelity. During this time that I am taking to assimilate all this, erroneous public allegations have arisen, and out of respect for her, our families and everything we’ve lived through, I could not remain silent and continue watching how they try to destroy history more real love that God has allowed me to live. With nothing else to say, I love my fans very much, thanks for being there.”

The inspiring love story of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro’s love story unfolded as a hit single, capturing hearts worldwide. After months of rumors, they confirmed their relationship on Instagram in September 2021 with a series of sweet photos from her 28th birthday celebration.

Shortly after, Rosalia publicly declared her love for Rauw Alejandro by tattooing “RR” on her foot in March 2022. He followed suit, engraving “Rosalia” in a handwritten font above his navel a month later.

However, what would win the hearts of their fans would be the announcement of their engagement.

The couple announced they were ready to tie the knot in March 2023 in the music video for their song “Beso,” included on their joint EP, RR, a testament to their personal and professional rapport.

During an interview with Billboard, the couple offered insight into their bond, sharing the lessons they had learned from each other.

Alejandro admired Rosalia’s discipline and tenacity in music, calling her a “freaky-crazy workaholic.” Rosalia, for her part, saw Rauw’s laid-back demeanor as a much-needed balance in her life. Their companionship, it seemed, went beyond the spotlight, striking a deep, personal chord.

Trouble in paradise

It was fans who noticed that something was not right between Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro. Many noticed how, two weeks ago, she stopped wearing her engagement ring. Soon after, they also noticed that Rauw opted to return home to Puerto Rico instead of joining her in Europe, where she was wrapping up her successful Motomami Tour.

The fact that neither of them had posted photos together on their social media accounts also drew attention. In fact, their last image together on Rauw’s Instagram account was published last April during the release of her song “Vampiros.”

Around the same time, Rosalia posted a carousel of images on her feed, taken during an NBA game in Los Angeles.

The end of an era?

Rosalía was returning home to Barcelona when the news of their breakup broke.

Meanwhile, Rauw Alejandro has been spending time in Puerto Rico, even spending a day out with Shakira and her children.

One way or another, their individual travels continue, and their fans hope that the breakup, while always bittersweet, will not prevent more musical successes from coming.