Sound the alarms. Spanish singer Rosalía, 31, and “The Bear” actor Jeremy Allen White, 32, were spotted… together… at a farmers’ market? We feel like two universes are colliding right about now, and we’re not mad about it. Just like many fans, we might be saying “Yes, chef” to this possible romance:

Let’s back up. According to TMZ, Rosalía and White were first spotted together last week in Los Angeles, allegedly going out for dinner and a movie. In fact, the chisme podcast Deux U reported the two attended a screening of the 1998 movie “Wild Things” at The Los Feliz Theater.

As reported by HOLA!, onlookers saw White waiting for Rosalía in the movie theater hallway while she went to the bathroom. Later, the two strolled out of the theater and had dinner together at the Italian restaurant, Little Dom’s. Interesting.

Now that they have spotted the pair a second time, we have many questions. Mainly, this:

Are these two our new Roman Empire?

Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White continue to fuel romance rumors in Los Angeles

Both Rosalía and White are recently single. On one hand, Rosalía broke off her engagement with fellow singer Rauw Alejandro, 30, in July. Meanwhile, White and his ex Addison Timlin, 32, filed for divorce this past May, but are reportedly “getting along.” White and Timlin share two young children, Ezer and Dolores.

While both Rosalía and White are single and ready to mingle, their possible romance is sending fans into a frenzy. Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro did have a very high-profile three-year relationship, culminating in their joint 2023 album “RR” and their internet-breaking music video for “BESO.” Similarly, White had a highly publicized marriage with Timlin, famously meeting when they were just 14 years old.

Yes, this is a lot.

As reported by The Cut, Rosalía and White were photographed strolling through a Los Angeles farmers’ market together on Sunday. The “Shameless” actor bought an enormous bouquet of flowers, while the “Con Altura” singer looked decidedly chill in a hoodie.

And because internet sleuths are amazing, someone even took a video of the duo choosing White’s flowers:

As expected, both Rosalía and White have kept very quiet about their farmers’ market outing. Their fans, though? Well, they’re freaking out — as are we. As one X user put it, their “glasses fogged up” just looking at these photos:

As another user put it, “2023 keeps on surprising us,” and we have to agree. This (possible) romance was definitely not on our bingo card this year:

Many fans are very into this pairing — one wrote it “is what dreams are made of”:

However, others can’t help but comment on how random all of this is. Is the universe just here playing a mix of poker, darts, and “Wheel of Fortune”?

Maybe Rosalía is a fan of White’s Hulu show “The Bear”? That second season was admittedly fire:

Us? We also might be into this romance. Maybe White will bake Rosalía a “Bizcochito”?

Others, though, think this entire possibility is “insane”:

And many more fans ask how these two even met in the first place:

This is sure a “fever dream”:

But also might just be a “match made in heaven”: