La “Bichota” and la “Loba” might be some of the fiercest queens on the planet to us, but even superheroes are susceptible to one thing — heartbreak.

While Karol G’s much-documented breakup from reggaetonero Anuel AA back in early 2021 was all over the news, Shakira’s separation from soccer star Gerard Piqué was earth shattering. You couldn’t even go to the grocery store without hearing her Bizarrap session (“Clara…mente”)… and then she put a witch on her balcony that symbolized her mother-in-law. There are breakups, and then there’s the Shakira-Piqué debacle.

Teaming up for “TQG,” the two singers found similarities in their past heartbreak

So, it makes sense that the two Colombian singers related to each other’s famous breakups — and decided to record their song “TQG” in light of their similarities.

Of course, we already had a feeling Karol G and Shakira’s new song was at least partly about their real-life heartbreaks. Then again, we have lyrics like: “I would never get back with you, you’re bad luck, Now blessings rain down on me” and “Tell your new baby that I don’t compete for men.” They left no crumbs.

Still, Karol G set the record 100% straight with her new interview with W Radio Colombia. The “Tusa” star spoke out about how the song was a bonding experience with Shakira, explaining: “We’re two women that lived a similar situation.”

The Medellín-born superstar described to the outlet how she had a deep phone conversation with Shakira while she was in the midst of dealing with her separation. At that point, Shakira had already released “Te Felicito” and “Monotonía,” which clearly fired shots at Piqué. Plus, she showed Karol G an inside look at her Bizarrap session, before it was even released.

Karol G recalls how Shakira saw her “process” as follows: “‘Te Felicito,’ ‘Monotonía,’ ‘Bizarrap,’ and she wanted to close her cycle with ‘TQG.'” So much so, it seems like Shakira even asked Karol G to pause the release of her album until it was time for their collaboration together. And she did — because, well, it’s Shakira.

The Medellín-born singer was almost as starstruck by Shakira as we would be

The “Gatúbela” star described Shakira as her “idol,” and said it was “crazy” she could call someone she had “admired” for so long. She asked Shakira if she wanted to collaborate on “TQG,” and explained how the star immediately “loved” the song.

Karol G has usually stayed pretty quiet about her breakup with Anuel AA. Back in 2021, she announced their breakup on Instagram, calling it a “beautiful love” and writing: “I love you Emmanuel, my gratitude to you, your family and everything we lived through.”

Still, rumors spread since that very day about Anuel possibly cheating on her — or that there was more to the breakup than first let on. For one, she recently told the New York Times that she was writing tons of songs about “anger, sadness, bad love, [and] toxic relationships,” around the time of their breakup. Interesting.

We may never know for sure — as Karol G told W Radio Colombia, she preferred to “distance herself completely” from the breakup when it happened. However, she said it was “different” for Shakira: “She wanted to express it, she wanted to heal from it that way.”

The 32-year-old star said their phone conversation was “so honest,” and that they “talked about so many life experiences.”

Still, Karol G says that “TQG” isn’t meant to be a “tiradera” about either of their exes. It’s about making a song that millions of women will “also identify” with. That’s the meaning.