Shakira has no intention of keeping her breakup with Gerard Piqué a secret. After 12 years together, the couple split in June 2022 after Shakira learned of a series of affairs between her longtime boyfriend and multiple women. However, Piqué is settling down with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti, who works for Piqué at his production company.

Shakira is not happy with this information and collaborated with Argentine DJ Bizzarap to let Piqué know just how much.

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Shakira goes postal on the beat

In a new song, informally titled “BZRP Music Sessions #53,” Shakira and Bizzarap collaborate to tell the singer’s story of her split from her boyfriend of 12 years and the father of her two sons, Milan and Sasha. Although the singer initially asked for privacy during the split, she seems to have no reservations about airing out their dirty laundry now that the dust is settling.

At the time of publishing, the video is less than 24 hours old and is currently sitting at 40 million views. The lyrics of the song make no attempt to obscure the point Shakira is making. She wants everyone to know who Piqué really is. And she is not holding back.

The song, sung in Spanish with English subtitles, utilizes a catchy but minimal pop beat to give Shakira the space to go off. “Sorry, I’ve already caught another plane,” she sings. “I won’t be back here. I don’t want any more disappointments.” She then targets his status as a champion before reminding him, in so many words, that he isn’t anything of the sort.

Elsewhere in the song, she makes mention of the debt he left her with, the fact that she still lives next to his parents, and that his new girlfriend is just as shady as he is. However, in her words, “Women don’t cry. They cash in.”

However, the one thing better than the song itself is the memes it has inspired. The internet is blowing up over the diss track and the result is hilarious.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Shakira memes from the last 24 hours!

The memes are arriving

There’s never a bad time to use the clip of the Russian club kid. There just isn’t. Put any song over it and it works. Every. Single. Time.

One user finds it interesting how invested cheaters seem to be in this ongoing saga.

Another user noticed how quickly Shakira, no pun intended, changed her tune about dissing Piqué in public.

One tweet, however, wonders if Shakira dissing Piqué’s new girlfriend isn’t a bit…hypocritical.

Shakira didn’t just diss Piqué! She managed to throw in a barb about Casio watches, too, for some reason.

Oh, yeah! She also dissed Twingo cars and might face a lawsuit over it?!

Of course, diss memes wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Piqué’s less-than-stellar track record on the field.

Pretty much everyone listening to this song is going nuts over it, or as surprised Woody might say: this shit poppin’ off!

On that same token, Shakira’s new song is best described as “jaw-dropping.”

There’s a bit of a double standard, too. Men seem to be losing their minds over the song while conveniently ignoring all the terrible things Piqué is doing to destroy Shakira’s life.

Here’s the difference between Piqué fans and Shakira fans.

Shakira can sleep soundly tonight knowing she got her bag dissing everyone and everything Piqué has ever loved.