By now, you’ve probably seen the advertisement taking over the fashion world: Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner‘s Gucci campaign. Love it or hate it, it’s safe to say the ad broke the internet this weekend.

While some internet sleuths say that the ad took inspiration from David and Victoria Beckham’s old airport paparazzi photos, Gucci’s press release kept pretty quiet. One thing we do know, though? The photo campaign “explores the intimacy of traveling together.” It seems like Benito and Kendall are indeed… a thing:

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According to Gucci, Bad Bunny and Jenner’s photos are “redefining the Jet Set glamour of the 1990s,” and many fans are very into the concept. As one X user wrote, “That Bad Bunny x Kendall [Jenner] Gucci campaign is so fire you can’t even lie.”

That being said, many social media users took the opportunity to poke fun at — and meme-ify — the campaign’s photos. Because, well, it’s the internet, after all. Remember when Bad Bunny seemed to tell Kendall Jenner, “Mami, be careful… the mosquitos” back in August? Well, now it’s “Mami, be careful… the luggage.”

We’ll also take, “Mami, be careful, the flight”:

Here are all the best internet reactions to the eye-opening fashion campaign.

As with all things Benito-Jenner, people had very strong opinions about the campaign

From the moment onlookers spotted Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner allegedly kissing in a club back in February, fans have had much to say about their probable relationship. Are they cute together? Many fans say yes. Will Benito become the new ambassador to Jenner’s tequila brand 818? Many hope not!

Here’s a look at the commercial for Gucci’s new luggage line, featuring Benito and Jenner strutting through an airport:

Sure, these two probably fly private, but many are calling the ad a “slay” nonetheless. Still, we cannot get over the hilarious comments on Gucci’s own Instagram posts about the campaign.

Under one Gucci IG post, you can find the iconic comment, “Papi, be kareful, the kurse.” Another wrote, “The devil works hard but mama Kris [Jenner] works harder I see.” Facts. Yet another noted, “This is so unrealistic they would never fly domestic,” while another was very into Benito’s runway walk: “He kinda ate her up with that walk [to be honest] 😭.”

One of the best comments, though? One user said Benito’s very fast-paced walk in the ad is all about, “The Latino urge to arrive first at the gate.” LOL, relatable.

Another one of Gucci’s viral Instagram posts about the campaign garnered just as many notable comments. One user wrote, “Of course the relationship would be monetized ASAP,” and well, no lies detected.

Others said they “never saw Kendall [Jenner] smiling so much,” while many more still called it the “publicity stunt of the year✨.”

One fan directed themselves at the negative comments, writing, “They are goals and whoever says otherwise is jealous.” That being said, many continued to say this whole relationship is “pure publicity.”

Another added, “¿Y qué pasó con “la ch**ha de Puerto Rico?”

Still, about Bad Bunny’s appearance in the campaign, many are very onboard: “This is what Gucci needed. Someone from the barrio and who has flow.” Another chimed in, “Benitoooooo representing!!!!! 🇵🇷♥️.”

And yes, many more imagined Jenner’s dialogue in the background: “Pappy, can u carry my bags?”

The campaign is garnering all sorts of reactions on X, too

Over on X, the reactions to the Gucci campaign are just as intense. Yes, people seem to either love it… or sort of hate it.

On one hand, one X user wrote that the campaign “hard launching” this relationship turned out to be “everything and more”:

Another noted that the photos are “fire, you can’t even lie”:

Is this campaign a “slay”? Many fans seem to think so:

On the other side of the spectrum, one person said this ad “just proves the whole relationship is just PR”:

Another said they are definitely “not okay” after seeing the photos, so… probably not a huge fan:

Same for the person who said these photos will “be the end” of them:

Fans who are keeping their opinion pretty neutral, though? Well, they think Bad Bunny “out-modeled” Jenner in the ad… and they’re not wrong:

And even people that aren’t 100% onboard with Benner (Badall? Kenny?) still say this ad is “kind of cute”: