If you follow Bad Bunny on Instagram, you may have noticed he posted a slew of IG Stories yesterday. In fact, after months of usually keeping quiet on social media, his Stories looked like this:

Of course, as the Benito stans we are, we looked at every single one of them. We replayed, saw them with the sound on, and detailed them — many of us in the hopes of finding Easter egg confirmations of his possible relationship with La Kendall Jenner.

Well, it seems like Bad Bunny and Jenner aren’t at the “Instagram official” stage yet. That being said, Benito let a few clues “slip” that may have confirmed their romance.

Oddly enough, it all started at a run-in they had with a few mosquitos. Trust us, it’ll make sense in a bit.

Did Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner just confirm their romance through a conversation about mosquitos?

Benito’s latest IG Stories included him singing to his phone camera, a photo of himself with a rainbow Band-Aid on his face and snapshots of his daily life (including seeing Jhayco at a performance). He also posted a semi-nude selfie — but we’re keeping things PG-13 here.

Then, the “Moscow Mule” singer posted a video of a cute squirrel he saw while on a hike. Aw. But wait… whose voice is that in the background?

The video that’s breaking the internet shows Bad Bunny filming the ground during his hike, and seeing a furry squirrel. At that point, a woman who sounds a whole lot like Jenner exclaims, “That’s the cutest thing ever, come here! Hey!” while getting closer to the animal.

Benito then tells her, “Mami….be careful.”

“Rabies?” she asks. Nope, he’s from the Caribbean and Boricuas always sense mosquitos around — and know they carry dangerous diseases (or are just annoying and itchy).

Bad Bunny replies: “The mosquitos.”

As X user @_elan_ wrote, “Well, now we know what a conversation between Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner sounds like.”

As in, they clearly speak in English together, but Benito calls Jenner “mami.” Excuse us, we don’t know how to wrap our heads around this right now.

Yes, we just might get “Mami bi kerfol, de mosquitos” tattooed now:

The Puerto Rican singer posted more clues about his romance with Jenner on his IG Stories

But wait— there’s more.

Check out this video El Conejo Malo posted on his Stories, singing along to “Lo Que Son” by Chris Jedi, YOVNGCHIMI, and Dei V:

Seems standard enough, right? Well… look closer. Benito is actually wearing a necklace with the initial “K,” which may just be for Kendall Jenner. No tenemos pruebas pero tampoco dudas!

And then, alas, it gets worse. The singer then went on to post a photo of Jenner’s tequila brand 818. Why, Benito? Why? There are so many (Mexican-owned!) tequila brands to choose from. Still, some fans are seeing the IG Story as yet another confirmation of their relationship.

Others? They say “they’re going to be sick”:

As another X user put it, they “immediately stopped smiling” when they saw that 818 story. Another fan said the photo made them realize “we lost Bad Bunny,” and well, it’s just pretty disappointing to some of us:

One more thing internet sleuths realized? Benito’s latest IG Story on his hike looks quite similar to a photo Jenner posted:

As you can expect, Bad Bunny’s fans have mixed reactions to his latest posts

Well, Bad Bunny’s fans go hard, and are reacting in all kinds of ways to the “Safaera” singer’s latest posts.

One X user imagined themselves asking Jenner, “Why can’t I be you?”

Another wrote that Benito calling Jenner “mami” makes their possible romance way too real:

Another user professed that this whole “mami” situation means their relationship must be serious:

While even more people imagined that Jenner’s reply to Benito calling her “mami” could have looked a bit like this (LOL):

And yes, that “K” necklace might be our biggest confirmation of a Benito-Jenner romance yet: