Tequila is perhaps the iconic drink from Mexico (although mezcal has been making a BIG comeback for a few years now). In the last few years, Kendall Jenner released her own tequila line, 818. Even tech mogul Elon Musk is trying to get his controversial Teslaquila off the ground. But tequila is a creation of Mexican culture, and there is nothing as delicious as Mexican-owned tequila.

In the end, it’s all well and good if their businesses create money and jobs in Tequila, Jalisco, where the ancient spirit is produced under the Denomination of Origin. 

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But if you’re in the spirit to support Latino-owned businesses, here are a few Mexican-owned tequila brands. Some of them are the usual suspects (1800, Corralejo), while others are smaller but just as exciting. 

1. Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua

mexican-owned tequila
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Just like tequila but a bit different. Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua is housed in a legendary hacienda. As the company, Sotol, states: “The Hacienda Tabalaopa, a family jewel since its establishment in 1881, has historically embraced Sotol as the spirit of the region”.

Sotol is a bit different from tequila. Distillers create sotol with agavacea variety termed “Dasylirion.” Dasylirion only grows in the Chihuahuan Desert of northern Mexico. This Mexican-owned tequila is an example of how the industry is diversifying, encompassing other regions of Mexico.

2. Another Brand Owned by a Mexican company Tequila Moderno

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This beautiful bottle contains premium tequila developed by a young Mexican entrepreneur. This relatively new Mexican-owned tequila brand is socially conscious and has programs to support agave growers in Jalisco. They source their agave azul from small growers, supporting the local farming industry. Additionally, tequila lovers give this brand good reviews. It is bound to become a staple of hipster bars worldwide. 

3. Tequila San Matias

mexican-owned tequila
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This Mexican-owned tequila is as traditional as it comes: it has been operating since 1886, when it was founded by Don Delfino González. However, its owners have taken good care of the brand’s image, using a contemporary brand design that looks great on any bar shelf. Their crown jewel is the San Matias Cristal, which is clear and pure, distilling the floral notes to the nose and the palette that pure blue agave brings. It is the new face of an old distillery, so it brings together the new and the classic in interesting ways. 

4. Tequila Pueblo Viejo

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One of the most traditional brands around (we can totally picture Jorge Negrete or Pedro Infante drinking straight from the bottle while delivering a serenata). This Mexican-owned tequila is also the brainchild of Don Delfino González, who, during the period that preceded the Mexican Revolution, found the perfect conditions for growing agave azul and producing tequila in the Los Altos region of Jalisco. The red soil fields here are rich in iron and other minerals, which provide the perfect nourishment for the agave plants. 

5. Tequila La Malinche

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Tequilas del Señor manufactures this Mexican-owned tequila, a house that has more than 70 years of expertise. It is named after the indigenous woman, La Malinche, that according to the legend, served as a translator for the conquistadores. For those who enjoy a clear taste, La Malinche is a good option. To the nose, it provides intense notes of baked agave with hints of mint and citrus. It is silky in the mouth with pleasant herbal notes and lovely acidity. It is great to drink by itself… perhaps after a few carnitas tacos. 

6. Tequila Espinoza

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Just look at this bottle! It would be envied by the most delicate whiskeys on the planet. The Mexican-owned tequila reposado (which basically means “rested,” as it has matured in oak barrels for years) variety has a smoky and deep flavor. A young tequila master named Armando Orozco Espinoza, who comes from a long line of experts, owns this house. Their mantra is: “passion, tradition, braveness, attitude, maturity, and youth.”

7. Tequila Don Sueños

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This Mexican-owned tequila brand falls in the super-premium category, so don’t expect to indulge in cheap margaritas with it. This relatively-new brand was years in the making. Tequila Don Sueños hired a tequila master to spot the perfect agave plants to create a distinctive flavor. The family that runs this business has been growing agave for more than four decades. The fields and factory are located in the “Golden Triangle” region in Los Altos (Highlands) of Jalisco. 

8. Tequila 29 Two Nine

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The European market has given this young brand some traction. The reposado variety is a delight: deep, peppery flavors thanks to the eight months it spends in oak barrels. The family that owns Tequila 29 Two Nine apparently wants to disrupt the game.

9. Tequila Corralejo

mexican owned tequila
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One of the most widely sold tequilas, both in Mexico and overseas. It is manufactured in the Hacienda Corralejo in Guanajuato, which has become a tourist attraction in its own right. As stated by the company, “Visitors can satisfy their curiosity and excitement about the processes used to make tequila. The atmosphere is a delight to both sight and smell, as exemplified by casks for aging tequila located in beautiful cellars and filled with a suggestive and captivating aroma that evokes the honey of cooked agave”. Sounds like a perfect holiday to us! 

10. Tequila El Jefe

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This is a luxury craft tequila owned by Mexican Americans but manufactured by the distiller Tequilera Las Juntas in Jalisco. It is made from 100 percent Blue Weber Agave grown in the region of Tequila. It has won multiple international awards. 

11. Mexican-owned Tequila Tromba

A young, hip brand whose slogan is #takelifebystorm. It was created by Marco, a master distiller with over 40 years of experience. He says: “I’m really proud of what I’ve done throughout my career at some of the best brands, but there are always limitations when you work for someone else. Tromba represents everything I think great tequila can be.” Marco is joined by Rodrigo Cedano, a young apprentice who really strives to create a tequila that distinguishes itself from the dozens of options in the market. Guess where the name comes from? “Tromba gets its name from the intense rainstorms of the Jalisco highlands that nourish its famed agave plants. It also represents energy and rejuvenation that fuels the passion and purpose of its founders”. 

12. Tequila Cazcabel

mexican owned tequila
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It takes its name from the famous poisonous rattlesnake. This brand specializes in blends that infuse tequila with flavors such as honey and coffee. It is created in the town of Arandas, in the Jalisco highlands. This brand makes sure that the agave plants are used in a sustainable way and use every part of the plant in the production process. They have some pretty good ideas for cocktails.

13. La Gritona

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La Gritona recently went viral when people were trying to advertise Latina-owned Tequila brands. La Gritona is the definition of Latina-owned. Melly Barajas Cárdenas opened her own distillery, Raza Azteca, in Jalisco in 1999. But despite being one of the only female master distillers out there, that’s not the only thing that’s unique about her. She also only employs women in her distillery. As she told The New York Times: “From the girls in the agave fields to those who cook the agave, process the fermentation, it’s all women.”