Pedro Pascal’s shot to stardom and the internet lexicon has been astonishing. The Chilean-born actor started his film career in 1996 with “Burning Bridges.” But it wasn’t until his role as Oberyn Martell in “Game of Thrones” that fans saw his career bloom.

Then, he landed the lead role in both “Narcos” and “The Mandalorian” — and his bag was secured. Since then, he’s appeared in projects like “Wonder Woman 1984,” “The Book of Boba Fett” and “The Last of Us.” With all these blockbuster projects on his slate, where does “The Mandalorian” fall?

Reports cite that Pascal might be cutting ties with “The Mandalorian” to make room for other projects

Due to his acting chops and the incredible momentum he’s gained over the years, it is no surprise that Pascal has a busy slate of projects in production or post-production. Excluding his rumored role in “Fantastic Four,” he has eight upcoming projects on his official IMDB page.

So, would it be a surprise if he would decide to step away from “The Mandalorian?” Not entirely.

An Inside the Magic report explains that after season three of the show, fans were left unsure whether another season would be coming. Season three saw a shift from Pascal’s character as the sole lead, and expanded on other characters’ storylines.

The publication cites that the House of Mouse hasn’t given any concrete updates about the series. Folks cite that while Pascal was reported to return for another “series of episodes,” many believe season four may be his last time reprising the role of Din Djarin.

This may come as no surprise to fans of the Star Wars franchise, as Pascal has confirmed that he no longer physically plays the character. He currently only does voiceover work for the show.

During a Drama Actor’s Roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor admitted that he mainly provides the voiceover for much of the show. Collider reports that two other people physically play Din Djarin. Brendan Wayne does the regular scenes, while Lateef Crowder performs the stunts.

Whether he leaves “The Mandalorian” or not, it won’t be the last we hear or see of Pascal

Pascal’s nonstop schedule has made him a hot commodity, seeing him rumored to take on the role of Reed Richards in Marvel’s “Fantastic Four.” Entertainment Weekly reported that in between his slated projects, Pascal might also be in the running for this long-awaited franchise reboot.

The publication posits that it will all come down to whether or not his schedule permits. His two most pressing projects are season two of “The Last of Us” and Ridley Scott’s highly expected “Gladiator” sequel.


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But “Fantastic Four” isn’t the only film Pascal is being linked to — a “Scarface” remake is also in the works. Giant Freakin Robot detailed that the Chilean actor is rumored to be in an updated version of the 1986 film.

According to sources from the publication, the story will move from Miami to Los Angeles. It will allegedly see Pascal playing the role of a Mexican immigrant rising within organized crime. This update will breathe fresh air into the story.

The ’80s “Scarface” saw Al Pacino portray a Cuban immigrant in the ’90s. Before Pacino, Paul Muni played an Italian mobster in the 1932 version of the film. If the reports are accurate, Pascal would be the third person to take it on and the first Latino.