The internet exploded last week when the news broke that Shakira learned about Piqué’s infidelity because of a jar of strawberry jam. Shakira knew Piqué hated that jam and would never eat it. Since she was out of town before coming home to discover the empty jar, Shakira knew something was afoot.

However, the pop star is not the only person to uncover their partner’s infidelity through some seemingly random, out-of-place item. Not by a long shot. In fact, a new thread on Twitter confirms just how many people have taken something as small as a receipt and used it to confront their partner with much more severe allegations.

These people didn’t do enough to cover up their tracks while cheating

Firstly, the original tweet tells an oddly similar story to Shakira’s:

But this was only the beginning. Twitter users everywhere chimed in with stories of their own.

First, the OP tells another story of using her detective skills to weed out a cheater.

She also explains exactly how the receipt led her to discover her partner had been cheating on her.

One user chimed in with an ol’ faithful: accidentally stumbling upon Facebook DMs that tell the tale.

Additionally, one woman found out her ex was cheating on her with other men by pretending to be a woman on social media.

One guy was contacting his ex through email, which is basically the 21st-century equivalent of a homing pigeon.

Even the ones who pretend to care end up disappointing you eventually…

One particular cheater forgot to hide the pads from his girlfriend who uses tampons.

He also couldn’t seem to stick to one story.

Additionally, one guy brought his sick girlfriend food he made with the other woman.

The OP chimes in with yet another story about uncovering infidelity.

Somehow, one woman found out her partner was cheating thanks to an Apple Watch, of all things…

There you have it. If you’re cheating, eventually your partner will find out. Even if it means finding a sock in your laundry or an earring in your car.