It’s easy to dive headfirst into the drama of a celebrity breakup. Even more so when one of them releases a devastating diss track that racked up more than 60 million views in 24 hours. However, they’re still human beings doing the best they can.

As the custody battle between Shakira and her ex Gerard Piqué rages on, it’s worth remembering why they’re doing this in the first place: their kids. Both Shakira and Piqué clearly love their kids more than anything in the world, but the 45-year-old singer is, in addition to being a global superstar, one of the most dedicated mothers on the planet.

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Shakira is a supermom

Take just about any story from the last few years that involves Shakira and her kids to see how true that really is. In 2015, Shakira taught her then-two-year-old son Milan to read. Some kids start learning at around three. However, many don’t get the hang of it until they’re almost six or seven years old.

However, her dedication to her children didn’t end there. In 2021, Shakira explained how important it is to give her kids a normal life, despite the spotlight that shines on their parents. “I can’t deny they can’t escape the reality that I’m a public person, as well as their dad,” she said to ET Canada. “But we try to provide as much normalcy as we can, and live really as very simple people.”

She also supports a ton of extracurricular activities

Shakira also put both kids in surfing lessons from a young age. Today, they’re both confident surfers who love getting in the water. Additionally, Milan is a trained pianist. Sasha continues to enjoy a variety of sports, including tennis, karate, and (of course) football.

In 2022, Shakira celebrated Sasha winning a martial arts tournament. In an Instagram post, she wrote, “Next time if they don’t want me to yell so much they’ll have to take me with a muzzle!” Shakira and Piqué also attend all of Milan’s soccer games, even after the separation.

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The family takes a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Six months before the split, the entire family took a trip down to Disney World. “Unforgettable memories! There’s nothing like fantasy,” she wrote in an Instagram post commemorating the trip. The first picture in the post shows Shakira posing for the camera, but the rest are all about the kids.

Looking back on the year that followed, it’s worth noting that Piqué does not appear in any of the photos.

In the end, Shakira prioritizes her children above all else

Shakira continues to release music at a steady rate and even appeared as a judge on The Voice from 2013 to 2014. Still, it’s clear that her kids are the top priority. Despite her split from Piqué, Shakira continues to defend and protect her children whenever possible.

On January 7, Shakira was reportedly furious after seeing Milan sitting next to his dad during a Twitch event Piqué produced.

A statement about the incident confirms, “Sources from Shakira’s environment assure that the singer in no case gave her prior consent nor was she consulted about the participation of her son Milan in the broadcast of an event by Gerard Piqué‘s company, in a discussion of adult content.”

Footage from the event shows Milan clearly having a great time. However, Shakira was none too pleased with the last-minute decision. Mostly because her son was in a situation where potentially inappropriate content would be broadcasted.