The late Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, otherwise known as “La Diva de la Banda,” is set to receive a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Rivera, who died in 2012 at 43 years old in a plane crash, changed the game for women in the male-dominated regional Mexican genre. And while the “Con Él” singer left behind a legacy with her banda and norteño music, she was also famously honest about her personal issues. In her autobiography, “Unbreakable: My Story Told My Way”— which was published one year after her death— Rivera recounted being physically and sexually abused. Through Rivera’s authenticity, both in her lyrics and interviews, she related to fans in a way they will never forget. And who can resist singing along to “Basta Ya,” especially with some tequila in hand? An icon.

Ahead, find everything we know so far about Rivera’s Walk of Fame ceremony, including who will accept the honor on her behalf— and what celebrity pal will give a speech.

All the details on the late Mexican singer’s Walk of Fame star ceremony

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that they will honor Rivera with a Walk of Fame star on June 27 at 11:30 AM in front of LA’s Capitol Records on Vine Street.

The ceremony, which will be streamed live on the organization’s website, will celebrate Rivera’s “incredible achievements as an artist” as well as her “resilience, courage, and unwavering spirit that continue to inspire her fans around the world.” Rivera’s five children Chiquis, Jacqie, Michael, Johnny, and Jenicka, will accept the star on their mother’s behalf.

As noted by the organization, the “Inolvidable” singer “inspired an entire generation of regional Mexican music and culture” and remains one of the best-selling regional Mexican artists of all time. Rivera, who was born to Mexican immigrant parents in Long Beach, became a multi-platinum selling artist with hit albums like 2005’s “Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida.” Yes, the album that your mom always played while cleaning the house on Saturdays— because it was a bop.

While Rivera’s Walk of Fame ceremony will bring together her five children, it will also include an unexpected celebrity guest. Fellow Mexican singer Gloria Trevi, 56, is set to give a speech honoring Rivera. Why? Well, the two were close friends throughout Rivera’s life— and they even have a song together.

What to know about Jenni Rivera and Gloria Trevi’s friendship

Even the most die-hard fans may not know that Rivera and Trevi were great friends during the “Ya Lo Sé” singer’s life.

For one, the two once performed a version of Rivera’s song “Culpable or Inocente” together, and unearthed videos show how much fun they had. Unfortunately, there are no traces of their duet on streaming services— but at least we have this video:

On her Facebook page, Rivera once posted a photo with Trevi, calling her a “friend.” Some outlets say their friendship became “unbreakable” after meeting in 2008, and that they supported each other during difficult times. After Rivera’s death in 2012, Trevi spoke to the singer’s daughter Chiquis Rivera on her reality show “A Toda Gloria.” On the show, Trevi spoke about having a lot in common with the Rivera matriarch— even spiritually.

“I feel like God said, ‘her or her.’ I get that feeling,” Trevi said. “And I think he chose her because she was more prepared; she had enjoyed nephews and nieces and God knew that…I don’t know.” Later, she said losing her friend was a “lesson of how life should be lived,” noting Rivera’s “courage, strength and passion.”

Trevi later explained about the episode: “The truth is that she’s a friend who always deserves a tribute from me. She was amazing with me – the least I can do is always be good to her.” In other interviews, Trevi has spoken about being like “a godmother” to Rivera’s children.

Trevi has also often posted on Instagram about Rivera. The “Dr. Psiquiatra” star once posted about eating dinner together at her home, and how Rivera “tiptoed” with her upstairs to see her children sleeping. She added, “Thank you for being so great to me when many people gave their back to me. I love you, Jenni Rivera.” By that, Trevi seemed to point out her abuse allegations and arrest— a case which has since been reopened— and how Rivera continued to be her friend. Trevi has also dedicated concerts to the late singer.