Singer Chiquis Rivera, recently opened up about her weight loss journey on her podcast “Chiquis and Chill.” While she attributes her weight loss to having her “hormones in line and balanced” and portion control, she also admitted using the prescription drug Ozempic.

In her episode “My Weight Loss Journey Pt. 1,” Rivera described to her fans how she has dealt with “weight and body image” issues her “entire life.” She explained, “As a kid, I was always a little bit overweight since I can remember. I was always thicker than the other girls in school.”

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Talking about how she was “made fun of” growing up, she also said body image pressure is just as bad in the music industry.

“I’ve always been pretty confident,” Rivera said. “But the music career especially in our Latin culture, the thinner you are, the prettier you are, the more accepted you are.”

The “Vas a Volver” singer has lost “about 65 pounds” in the past year. Although she always “loved herself,” she said she “absolutely feels better” now and shared everything with fans about her journey.

Chiquis Rivera said on her podcast that both she and her mother, Jenni Rivera, struggled with body image issues

Rivera said on her podcast that she and her late mother, Jenni Rivera, “struggled” with their body image. Particularly as women in the music industry.

“It’s something I’ve been dealing with forever. At home, it was always a conversation because my mom also struggled with her weight,” she said.

She also remembered her grandfather telling her mother, “If you don’t lose weight, you’re not going to find a man.”

“It affected her,” Rivera said. Her mom “didn’t want [her kids] to go through what she had gone through.”

Rivera and her siblings were “on every freaking diet that you can think of,” including the Zone and Atkins diet. The singer remembers eating egg whites, non-fat milk, grapefruit and health cereals even as a kid.

The singer remembers, “My mom, if I would eat something, she would be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s going to go straight to your thighs.'”

While she said her mom helped her lose weight as a child, even doing dance classes and aerobics at home, body image is something she and her siblings have always “struggled with.”

Rivera also described how hearing family members tell her, “You have to finish everything on your plate because there are starving kids in the world” affected her mindset on food.

Moreover, the singer talked about how being tragically “sexually abused by [her] dad” from the age of eight made her “hold on to [her] weight” from an early age. Years later, at 18, her mother took her to the plastic surgeon for her “first liposuction” procedure.

Through her conversation, Rivera explained how her childhood affected her views on her weight. “I feel it’s important for us to have these conversations, especially in our culture, about food.”

On her podcast, Rivera told her fans about her years-long weight loss journey

On her podcast episode titled “My Weight Loss Journey Pt. 2,” Rivera delved into how she lost 65 pounds this year.

Rivera said she went through “a lot of trial and error” and “tried it all under the sun” to lose weight. She recalled taking diet pills, eating keto, working out and intermittent fasting.

“I can tell you now that I’m in a place where I’m pretty comfortable with the way I look,” she said.

She says “something just clicked in her mind,” focusing more on being “healthy” than simply “looking good.”

The 37-year-old said that she “hit a plateau” with diet and exercise, realizing how important portion control is to lose weight.

At that point, she admitted using the antidiabetic prescription, Ozempic, which helped her lose weight.

Rivera said, “One thing I haven’t really said, is that another thing that has helped me lose weight is Ozempic.”

“I started getting that injection when I was like, ‘Okay, I hit a plateau’ and was like, ‘I still want to lose more weight’… So I did go that route.”

She clarified to her followers, “I’m not telling you guys to do it. It did help me lose weight, and I only did it for three months.”

The singer described Ozempic as the “Hollywood injection” but “stopped it” after three months

As explained by NPR, Ozempic and similar drug, Wegovy, are weekly shots that help your body produce insulin. That insulin lowers blood sugar and makes you feel full faster.

Used by many (including Elon Musk) for their off-label weight loss effects, both Ozempic and Wegovy have become quite the trending topics. That being said, they’re such a “hot commodity” that some people fear a shortage for diabetics who need the medications for their intended use.

Still, Rivera described, “Ozempic is, I’m sure you’ve heard about it, is the ‘Hollywood injection.’ It’s a medication that people that have diabetes take to control their sugar levels. But then they found out that you can use it for weight loss.”

“I did it and it helped me. I stopped it,” the singer said. Admitting, “I want control of my body, I don’t want to have a stimulant or something that I have to take all the time.”

Now that she is off the medication, Rivera explains: “I have to have self-control, and eat better, make better choices, and eat less of everything.”