Chiquis Rivera has said “yes” to Emilio Sanchez, the young photographer who helped her heal her wounds and find her best and most powerful voice.

The love story, which comes from a fairy tale, was born in the bustling city of Los Angeles and now reaches a new and exciting chapter.

Undoubtedly, the charm of love has once again swept the renowned singer and TV personality off her feet.

Chiquis gives love a second chance

After going through a difficult journey in her previous marriage, Chiquis kept her heart. However, Emilio Sanchez, a talented photographer seven years her junior, caught her eye at a party, and they have been together ever since.

“Emilio, thank you for always taking the time to explain things to me. Thank you, you always give me the last bite,” Chiquis wrote on social media while sharing the engagement photo. “Thank you for helping me become a better version of myself. Thank you for doing anything in your power to see me smile. Thank you for not only opening the door for me and putting my seatbelt on. Thank you for giving me the window seat on every trip. Thanks for making an extra effort for us. Thanks for making me feel safe enough to believe in love again (…).”

Comments poured in, and with them, best wishes

After the singer shared her happiness on social media, the comments did not take long to arrive, including those from her sisters Jacqie Rivera and Jenicka López.

Likewise, celebrities such as Carolina Ross, Natalia Jimenez, and many more joined the messages of affection in the publication.

An unexpected love

Emilio Sanchez grew up in California and is the son of a Mexican father and a Filipino mother. Early in his professional journey, the photographer had the opportunity to capture the most incredible moments of the career of artists like Becky G with the camera.

In fact, it was thanks to Becky G that Sanchez and Chiquis met.

The singer invited them both to her birthday party in March 2021; the rest is history.

As Chiquis told mitú, she had recently separated from her then-husband, Lorenzo Méndez. And although she wasn’t looking for love, sparks flew with Sanchez.

The chemistry between the two was so strong that the photographer followed her home that night.

A healing and ever-stronger bond

Chiquis assured mitú that her admiration for Sánchez’s passion and talent as a photographer is infinite. She also confirmed that one of the things she loves most is his kindness and ability to bring out the best in people through his art.

“Emilio gives me peace. He is younger, but in many ways, he is more mature than I am, and I love that,” she said.

This mutual devotion laid the groundwork for a love story that continued to blossom amid shared hobbies like hiking.

Today, Chiquis seems happier than ever, and no wonder. Unlike her previous relationships, her romance with Sanchez has been free of scandals, explosive fights, and breakups.

“I have worked very hard to break the patterns of behavior ingrained in many women in my family,” she added.

Last weekend, while celebrating Sanchez’s birthday, the couple embarked on a scenic trail through the mountains, surrounded by breathtaking views.

When they reached a clearing with a stunning waterfall, Sanchez knew it was the perfect time to pop the question and take their relationship to the next level.