The Rivera family has had its fair share of drama over the years, and the latest installment centers on thousands of dollars that were stolen from one of the late Jenni Rivera’s companies. Following a recent audit of Jenni Rivera’s two LLCs, daughter Chiquis Rivera posted an Instagram Live to give us all the details on the stolen money, and a major betrayal of trust from a family member and a family friend.

Last year, Rivera’s siblings Rosie and Juan quit their jobs at Jenni Rivera Enterprises, LLC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC, leaving their positions amicably. In fact, while Rosie worked as director of the companies since 2012, she stated that she was quitting in order to focus on her personal goals and spend more time with her family. All seemed well enough, and daughter Jacqie Campos, 33, nabbed the director position, saying she was “excited to work as executive director of both companies to preserve their legacy and reputation,” and that she was “grateful to her aunt’s hard work in their name after their mother’s death.”

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However, once Jacqie ordered a company-wide audit, things started to look fishy — and now daughter Chiquis Rivera, 36, is giving us her side of the story. 

Once stories of the audit were released, many of Jenni Rivera’s fans pointed to the late Banda and Norteño singer’s children as selfish or “interesados.” However, Chiquis shared an Instagram Live to set the record straight, saying it’s not about the money for them, but more about their mother’s legacy.

She started off by explaining that she and brother Johnny “don’t owe an apology to anyone,” and that they looked into their mother’s companies’ financial records just to see what was going on. The 36-year-old singer looked visibly upset as she talked about the situation, even saying she had been crying all day.

She continued, saying that even their own grandmother Rosa had told them that “all they wanted was Jenni Rivera’s money and power” and that they had ruined their mother’s legacy. Chiquis said none of them ever wanted “the responsibility” of managing that legacy, and that it made her angry how wrong some people had it about them.

Chiquis Rivera also explained how each of her siblings live independently, and how some don’t even have access to their inheritance yet — instead working or studying just like anyone else.

As she explains, the audit was never about greed, but because of a very real issue that occurred in the company under Jenni Rivera’s sister Rosie. So what happened? According to Chiquis, a whopping $80,000 was stolen from Jenni Rivera Fashion by someone close to Rosie. The worst part is that then-director Rosie knew it was happening, and accountant Luis Barajas was instrumental in covering it up as a loan. 

Rosie paid the total amount back from her own pocket and saw it as a loan that was lent out — but Jenni Rivera’s children were taken aback by the betrayal. Chiquis says that “she never really liked” Barajas even though he was her accountant while her mother was still alive, and that even though Rosie did not rob the money and isn’t “una ratera,” it still wasn’t “honest.” Plus, the singer shared that both Rosie and Juan are now emailing for more money. 

Chiquis Rivera was famously left out of her mother’s inheritance because of rumors she slept with Jenni Rivera’s then-husband Esteban Loaiza. While Jenni Rivera died in a plane accident in 2012, she passed away believing her daughter had deeply betrayed her. While Chiquis has always denied these rumors, she has always supported her siblings, even in the protection of their inheritance today.