Luis Miguel, 54, just caused fan speculation after posting a photo with Taylor— La Taylor— Swift, 34, on his Instagram Stories. Is “El Sol de México” a Swiftie? Or did he just throw shade at the “Lover” singer? Or (and this is our favorite), could an upcoming collaboration be in the works? All bets are on, and fans have many thoughts.

This unlikely rabbit hole begins with a Bloomberg article on Miguel’s “massive” tour this year and “generational success.” The outlet placed Miguel at number three in overall rank, following Ariana Grande at the top spot, and nuestra reina Karol G at number two. Meaning… yes— he ranked above Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, the Mexico-born singer ranked number one in 30-day ticket sales, and number two in three-month live gross ticket sales behind Madonna. So yes, Miguel was above Swift in those rankings, too.

However, Swift’s ticket sales were notably left out of the rankings— so we don’t know how her tour actually ranks in the list.

Amid the rankings, one X user noted how Miguel’s epic ticket sales show “how many generations go to his concerts.” His shows are full of abuelas, moms, hijos, primos, and tías— and yes, we’re the tías. The “La Bikina” singer’s shows grossed over $92 million in March alone, and $21 million more in April. As one industry expert put it: “He’s an idol. People love him.”

And his last tour in 2018? It grossed $101.4 million, making it the top-grossing Latin tour in history. While Bad Bunny now holds the all-time record for his 2022 “World’s Hottest Tour,” Miguel jumped to number one for this year’s rankings. And the Mexico-born singer started his career more than 40 years ago.

Amid the latest rankings, Miguel took to IG Stories and posted a sweet— albeit random— photoshopped picture with Swift. The photo shows the two artists onstage, standing back to back:

Was it the most random moment of 2024 so far? It surely wasn’t on our bingo card:

After Miguel posted the IG Story that shook the world, one X user said they hope it means “a collab” is coming. If this is true, can the two stars please remake “La Chica del Bikini Azul” together? Asking for a friend!

If the post wasn’t a collaboration announcement, maybe Miguel just professed himself as a Swiftie. Or as one X user put it, the two singers could be secret “besties.” We just hope Miguel sings his own version of “Cruel Summer” at his tour this year— and brings Swift onstage, too, of course.

Maybe Swift is coming to Mexico soon?

Or if not, Miguel might just possibly have posted the photo montage to remind people he has own “Eras Tour” going on. And people are buying tickets like pan caliente. Do we have any proof that Miguel nodded to the current rankings in his Swiftie IG Story? No— but it’s a possibility.

In any case, “Viva Taylor Swift y Luis Miguel.”