Becky G and Sebastian Lletget’s 7-year relationship might be up in the air at the moment, but why not take a trip down memory lane? While the soccer player was accused of cheating on the “Mayores” singer last month in a Madrid nightclub, the two had been going strong since 2016. Meeting in an “old-fashioned” way, Becky G recalled being “done” with relationships at the time — but her friends insisted on setting them up.

As the cheating rumors continue to swirl, Becky G has stayed noticeably quiet on her relationship status. Still, fans can’t stop asking whether they’re still engaged, over for good, or maybe a mix of both. Neither Becky G or the athlete have posted photos together since, although their couple pics are still up on Instagram. Adding fuel to the fire, Becky G accepted an award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last week without her engagement ring… and Lletget posted a questionable apology about the alleged cheating over on IG. So what gives? Until they release an official statement, we don’t know— but at least we have all the chisme on their relationship timeline.

The two were set up the “old fashioned” way in 2016 by mutual friends

Becky G explained to Mega 96.3 in 2017 that she was introduced to Lletget in 2016 through their mutual friend Naomi Scott, who co-starred in “Power Rangers” with her. The English actress is married to soccer player Jordan Spence, who knew Lletget from playing together. Once Becky G and Scott hit it off on set, the couple got the big idea to introduce the “Sin Pijama” star to the Argentine-American athlete. A match made in heaven, at least at the time.

The singer remembered, “[Our introduction] kind of came about while we were filming the movie. The way we got introduced, me and Sebastian, was through my costar Naomi. Her husband — she’s 23, they’ve been married for a couple years now — and [he] played soccer together, him and Sebastian. So [she] met me and was like, ‘Girl, you’re awesome! You deserve to be with a man!'”

That being said, Becky G wasn’t so convinced. She recalled telling Scott, “Nah, I don’t want to be with anybody. I’ve been there, done that [with] the relationship thing. I’m focused right now. I’m good.” But her acting pal wasn’t deterred. Scott replied she already “knew” they were going to “marry,” so it was “fine.”

Later, Scott showed her a video of Lletget, which convinced her just a bit more. “I’m trying to downplay it… because I’m like, ‘He’s fine, good-looking. What is going on?'”

Meanwhile, Lletget told the U.S. Men’s National Team, “I like the way we met because it’s different from how it works with most people nowadays, meeting online or through a social app. It was really organic and almost old-fashioned.”

They first connected through social media, but eventually had a first date under the stars

Becky G explained to POPSUGAR that their initial contact was all through… Twitter. She explained to the outlet that she followed him on Twitter first, and once he followed back, “it was like this ghost-y, ‘I know you exist, you know I exist’ thing.” Did they retweet each other on the fly? Subtweet? At the very least “favorite”? We’ll never know.

She then waited until her 19th birthday “just to sound older” before talking to him, because he was 23. At that point, she had to shoot her shot. The star explained, “I slid in the DM real hard and I was like, ‘Hi, what’s up?’ So groundbreaking!”

Still, it took a while for them to spark a romance, because Becky G was in Vancouver at the time, and he was in LA playing for Galaxy. She said, “Honestly, we became friends first. We were vibing so hard… We were really forced to get to know each other, and it was nice.”

As Becky G wrote on Instagram, they met on March 24 in 2016, and made “unforgettable memories ever since.” In a separate IG post, she also gave special insight into their first date. She painted the picture for her fans: “On our first date we talked about everything under the moon…literally. I remember specifically stuffing my face with sushi and talking about our dreams, goals and visions for where we see ourselves.” Becky G described her boyfriend as an inspiring “man of [his] word.”

Their relationship continued to blossom for seven years

Lletget and Becky G made supporting each other a priority throughout their relationship. For one, the 30-year-old athlete always accompanied her to music events, including red carpets. This photo shows them behind the scenes at the Latin American Music Awards in October 2016, with the singer including the caption: “Thank you to my man for standing by my side. ❤️”

He also attended the Latin Grammy Awards with her that same year, as well as the Grammy Awards in February 2017. But it wasn’t all about Becky G— she was a known supporter of his athletic career, often cheering him on at his games. She told PEOPLE, “It’s become this superstition. Apparently, when I’m there he does really, really well. And so his coach is like, ‘You have to be at the playoff game’… And so I’ll be there.”

In March 2019, after the soccer player broke his nose after just recovering from a year-long injury, Becky G took to social media to ask fans to send him positivity. She wrote, “Since the March 24th injury in San Jose some time ago now, the time I’ve been apart of & witnessed for him to recover hasn’t been easy… I ask that you guys, the real fans and supporters, send positively charged thoughts & prayers to my best friend. He works so hard.”

Yet another cute throwback post showcases another one of Becky G’s romantic captions to Lletget. In the midst of their relationship, she told her fans: “We’re currently in the car listening to ratchet ass Bay Area music and I just wanted to take a second to share my appreciation for him. Through the highs and lows he manages to hold it down for me.”

The pandemic strengthened their bond— and an adorable music video came out of it

Once 2020 rolled around, the singer and athlete became even closer— just like many other non-famous couples did. Why? Finally, tons of time together. At the time, she told POPSUGAR, “I hadn’t been able to enjoy my apartment with my boyfriend like this, ever… This is the first time we’ve had continuous time together to really just bond. I love it.” Their favorite show to watch together during COVID? “Ted Lasso.” And that’s our fun fact of the day!

Another silver lining to the pandemic for the couple? Shooting the music video for Becky G’s song “My Man” together. As you can see, the video is a super-fun ride through their energetic, electric relationship at home, taking us through activities like push up competitions and Twister.

Becky G told Rolling Stone, “This pandemic will be something Sebastian and I will never forget. Sharing a ‘fly on the wall’ point of view to the silly and competitive side of us from behind closed doors and that people usually don’t get a chance to see, was so much fun… We were just being us.”

By December 2022, the happy couple got engaged

Becky G and her soccer player beau broke the internet when they told everyone the big news— they were engaged. She posted a video of exactly how their engagement went down, and captioned it with all the details we needed to know. For one, the singer described how she dreamed of her engagement before it even happened.

She wrote, “I once had a dream… In that dream I walked all the way down the Manhattan Beach pier where we had our first date, our first kiss and where we have watched countless sunsets through out various different seasons in our life together…As I got to the end of the pier you got down on one knee and asked me to be yours forever.”

As Becky G put it, Lletget “made that dream come true” for her. She wrote, “It was even more pure, more honest, more emotional, more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it to feel. Yes. A million times yes.”

Meanwhile, the soccer player posted an engagement photo on his own Instagram, captioning it with, “I took you back to the spot where our journey started. This moment gave me emotions I’ve never felt before. Emotions you can’t prepare for. I couldn’t have imagined it any better or with anyone else but you.”

Then, they had a great time being engaged— up until the cheating rumors broke in March 2023

From December on, the two had tons of fun as a recently-engaged couple. They went to Disney World, where Becky G wore white Mickey Mouse ears with a veil (*crying emoji*), and had their first Christmas together as fiancés. By March, the two attended the Vanity Fair Oscars party together, looking as picture-perfect as ever.

However, as you already know, rumors soon began to swirl of Lletget possibly cheating, leading him to post a statement reading, “During a moment I regret deeply, a 10 minute lapse in judgement resulted in an extortion plot,” while still saying the accusations had “more lies than any truth.”

While the athlete asserts he “never met” her, he admitted to pushing “right up to the very boundaries of lines that should never be crossed.” Whatever that means?

Posting his apology to the “light in [his] life” Becky G, we still don’t know where they stand— but they might not know either.