Bad Bunny, 29, starred on “SNL” this past weekend, and his appearance was everything would expect from the “Un Preview” singer: chaotic, sometimes-raunchy, and including lots of Spanish (A.K.A. the “sexier language”).

In short, the reggaetonero’s debut as “SNL” host and musical guest was perfect— especially when Pedro Pascal, 48, jumped in:

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The “Moscow Mule” superstar delivered his opening monologue with tons of laughs from the crowd, especially after “mistakenly” calling the show “Sábado Gigante.” If you know, you know. Don Francisco references aside, though, Bad Bunny also talked about how he will always do “lo que le da la gana” and how he “prefers sex in Spanish.”

“I just prefer Spanish,” he noted, before switching his monologue to Spanish and sending love to “all the Latinos across the world.”

At that point, Bad Bunny also referenced the infamous closed captions at this year’s Grammy Awards, which read “speaking non-English” while he sang. During the monologue, he asked, “Can we change that? Can we do it right?” The new closed captions? “Speaking a sexier language.” No lies detected.

Pascal then joined the singer up onstage to “translate” his monologue, which brought in delight… because, it’s Pedro Pascal.

Another top-tier moment we can’t forget from Bad Bunny’s introduction to the SNL stage? Lady Gaga introducing him with the words, “Nueva York, Puerto Rico y todo el corillo, Bad Bunny!” Whatever dimension we’re in right now, we’re happily living in it:

Without further ado, we present some of our favorite Bad Bunny “SNL” sketches. Of course, this includes the skit with Pascal that made us relive all our very-Latino traumas… and may have sent us back to therapy.

Bad Bunny and Pascal’s “SNL” sketch, “Protective Mom 2,” was arguably the best skit of the night. We got both stars at their comedic best, with Pascal gladly taking on the role of a pushy, loud, hilarious Latina mom. Meanwhile, Bad Bunny put on laugh-out-loud prosthetics to give us “Tía Rosa.”

We don’t know about you, but we see so much of our mom, abuelas, and tías here. And that “Sobrino! Llegaste!” deserves an award:

The attention to detail here is perfect, down to Tía Rosa’s matching pink glasses, top, and sweater, plus all those fruit magnets and the photos on the refrigerator. Once Pascal makes his appearance as the mother, we get a rousing chancleta performance, a love-hate saludo, and digging remarks to her son’s new girlfriend.

The best part, though? When Pascal empties that blue metal cookie tin to store sewing supplies. LOL.

The conversation is witty, funny, and ends with a reference to Latina moms’ love of feeding their children. Very relatable all around. As one X user put it, it is “incredible” how that cookie reference is “a shared experience” for so many of us:

Another joked how this sketch was so good, it “cured [their] depression and paid off [their] student loans”:

2. Bad Bunny wants to be Shrek… and makes a very-random script

We have to admit, it’s hard for anything to top that Bad Bunny and Pedro Pascal as sisters sketch. Still, there were a few other notable moments in the episode. Particularly, Bad Bunny showing up backstage dressed up as Shrek for no apparent reason:

The “Please Don’t Destroy” sketch in the episode brought on Benito dressed up as Shrek… while not acknowledging his costume. The “SNL” writers in the room ask, “Is this for the show? Do you want to do like a ‘Shrek’ thing?”

“I guess we could write you a ‘Shrek’ sketch,” one writer wonders. Bad Bunny keeps hilariously evading questions about his costume until he finally shares his complete A24 script for his new “Shrek” movie. LOL.

Soon, the “Please Don’t Destroy” writer-actors, Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy, and John Higgins become Puss in Boots, Donkey, and… Michael Jackson. The antics are high in this sketch, and is guaranteed to make you laugh — at least from the chaos of it all.

As one X user described, it was “so random,” and yes, hard agree:

Our dreams look a lot like this, too. We’re creative, okay?

3. Did Benito dress up as a nun for SNL? Yes, yes he did

What else did Saturday night’s “SNL” episode give us? We got Benito dressed up as a monja named Sister Theresa… who may have secretly slept with other nuns. We warned this episode was raunchy!

“I’m afraid that there may have been a man posing as a nun,” one nun explains, “Hiding amongst us in order to sleep with other nuns.” We get Bad Bunny acting shocked, squealing, “Oh no!” and “This is horrible!” And yes, we’re cracking up.

By the end, funnily enough, Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, makes a surprise appearance. Taking on the role of Sister Kevin, he admits he is the one “who corrupted” the monjas with his “lips” and “hips.”

Did we expect a Bad Bunny-Mick Jagger nun-themed mash-up? No, actually:

Yes, we are 100% “done”:

As some X users put it, it may have been Benito’s “best role” of the night:

4. We even got a “Mami, be careful… the mosquitos” reference!

Some of the episode’s promo skits were hilarious, too, including one that referenced Bad Bunny infamous warning to Kendall Jenner: “Mami, be careful… the mosquitos.” Need a reminder? Here’s Bad Bunny’s Instagram Story that broke the internet back in August — and hinted at his possible relationship with Jenner:

Well, his “SNL” promo took on the challenge of poking fun at the mosquito moment… and it delivered. In it, “SNL” star, Heidi Gardner, says: “I’ve always wanted to go to Puerto Rico.”

After failing to correct her pronunciation when saying “Puerto Rico,” Benito replies, “You know what? Don’t go”:

Later, a mosquito starts attacking Gardner, and Bad Bunny of course comes to her rescue. He kills the mosquito, saying, “Be careful, Heidi, the mosquitos.” LOL.

Oh, so he sees our tweets. Interesting.

5. And last but certainly not least, we saw the singer as a Spanish conquistador

Lord Farquaad, is that you? Hilariously enough, Bad Bunny also starred in a pre-filmed, all-Spanish sketch titled “La Era Del Descubrimiento,” or, “The Age of Discovery.” Set in Spain in the 16th century, Benito stars as the king — probably inspired by Ferdinand II of Aragon — who hates all the things his explorers bring back from the “new world”:

“Why didn’t you sail around and go to China?” Benito-as-king asks. Ah, good question:

We get a few gems in this sketch, too, such as Benito noting how a turkey has “testicles hanging from its face.” Marcello Hernandez as the prince adds, “How dare you bring us a chicken with testicle on its face?” LOL.

Later, a llama is called “a horse, but worse.” Tomatoes are spit out, and a pumpkin is coined a “melon with herpes.” They say tobacco “looks like poop,” but later… they learn to like it.

Does Benito give us some Burger King vibes here with the costume? Maybe: