Bad Bunny sat down with Rolling Stone for their latest cover story, giving insight into his current life as a global phenomenon— where he chants mantras like “Thank you, God. Thank you, life” before concerts.

El Conejo Malo has grown a lot since his last interview with the magazine in 2020, going from mid-pandemic quips like “O.G. reggaetón deserves a space in the pop world” to becoming el rey de todo.

The “Moscow Mule” star’s new interview is illuminating, painting who he actually is underneath his persona. What did Bad Bunny do after his history-making Coachella set this year? Shower, eat a bowl of cereal and fall asleep:”Tranquilito, tranquilito.”

While Bad Bunny gave us pretty good information on his life now (he still thinks movie theater soda is superior), he shrugged off any questions on possible girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. Still, he shared a few thoughts on being Latino in the U.S., clarifying divisive comments he made to TIME earlier this year.

Bad Bunny cleared up past comments on colorism, saying it’s “obvious” that it “exists in all parts of the world”

In March, the singer divided social media with comments he made to TIME on colorism in the music industry. He told the outlet, “I haven’t seen it. It’d be irresponsible of me to say yes.”

“I can’t say that yes or no because I haven’t lived it,” he said at the time. “I also haven’t seen with my own eyes that yes this person didn’t become more successful because of their skin.”

Bad Bunny explained that in the past, he “didn’t understand” issues with colorism with his “ignorance.” He pointed to having learned more on the subject since then, adding: “Those things I don’t know. I haven’t lived it.”

Now, the reggaeton superstar told Rolling Stone that his answer was taken out of context.

In fact, Bad Bunny explained to the magazine that he didn’t want to take up space talking about racism he hasn’t lived.

But, he did talk about feeling “rejection in the U.S.” on account of his Latinidad.

“I’m Latino, Caribbean, my skin is white,” he explained. “I have felt rejection in the U.S., maybe in some places because of being Latino.”

The singer also brought up the topic of money — and how having millions in your bank account doesn’t exempt you from being discriminated against.

“I’ve felt rejected in a world where there’s a lot of rich people and you could have 100 million in your bank account,” he said. “And to them, you’re [looked down on] for being Latino.”

Seemingly clarifying his past comments on colorism, he went on: “It’s obvious that racism, colorism exists in all parts of the world, in all industries.”

Another crucial topic in the interview? That infamous cell phone toss

Bad Bunny only gave us this comment on Kendall Jenner: “In the end, the only thing I have is my privacy,” A.K.A. the most anti-climactic response recorded in history. You’re only giving us that after the telenovela-romantic horseback riding date? Really?

However, the “El Apagón” singer did give us some chisme on why he threw that woman’s cell phone into the bushes in the Dominican Republic.

When asked about that infamous cell phone toss, which happened January 2023, Bad Bunny said the new year started “with cabronería.”

Still, he explained exactly what happened from his perspective. “People were recording,” he described. “I love going to D.R., so I was waving to everyone, like, ‘Que lo que!’ ”

Okay, from on-site footage of the moment (call us the Sherlock Holmes of chisme), that checks. The singer then described when the woman with the cell phone got near him: “That person got right on me, leaned directly on my body.”

As we all know, Bad Bunny grabbed her phone and threw it, christening “La Romana phonegate” forevermore.

He asserts he felt bad about throwing the phone “the next day.” That being said, the singer wants everyone to know the phone “didn’t break.”

“Bro, that cellphone didn’t break. It exists. It bothers me that people haven’t said that.”

“I didn’t throw that phone into the water. I threw it into some bushes,” he maintained, “She has it. She should upload the video.”

One quote from the “introvert” star that sums up much of the interview? “It’s funny and also frustrating to see how people really think they know about the lives of celebrities,” he said, “They think they know the story of your life, your interior thoughts, your romantic life, but, in reality, they don’t know at all.”