Jhayco, 30, is at an all-time high. The Puerto Rican singer is enjoying the success of his latest single “Ex-Special” featuring Peso Pluma, all the while prepping for the start of his “Vida Rockstar” United States tour this month.

The Río Piedras-born star may have started out writing songs for other artists, such as “Criminal” by Natti Natasha and Ozuna, but today? Jhayco is a lightning force — and yes, a rockstar.

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mitú spoke to the “Easy” reggaetonero about a wide range of topics. Like, does Jhayco believe in aliens? What does the song title “Ex-Special” mean to him? Favorite CÎROC Vodka Spritz flavor pa’ estar chileando? And seeing how he’s a tattoo aficionado, how many more does he want? Spoiler alert: quite a few.

Jhayco’s “vida de rockstar,” started out living between Carolina, Puerto Rico and Camden, New Jersey as a child. Once he started writing and producing music as a young teen, his years of hard work eventually catapulted his fame.

While you may know many of Jhayco’s hits like “No Me Conoce,” “En La De Ella,” and “Ley Seca,” he dished on some fun facts you may not know. Such as, being fully bilingual since second grade.

“I think being bilingual really opened so many doors, for me and for my music,” he explained to mitú. “The way I write, I could just take from so many more places than if I just knew Spanish [or English].”

“I listen to so [much] English music, I can know what they say in the lyrics, plus I have so many friends that talk English and I can learn new slang in English,” he added. “I think it’s a great, great tool for anybody that has grown up being bilingual.”

Jhayco had an epic summer in Ibiza and wants at least a few more tattoos

Jhayco celebrated the release of “Ex-Special,” his new collab with Peso Pluma, alongside CÎROC Vodka Spritz at a party in Miami last week. Yes, tons of glitz and glam— but Jhayco is taking it all in stride.

“I have a pool and my home. So I when I wake up, I just, I need to feel that natural air outside,” he describes. “[I] start reading my emails are seeing everything I have for the next day, in my notes, in my Whatsapp, and just chill out.”

“Take some energy, some vitamin from the sun, and then exercise… sudarlo, sudarlo,” he adds. His drink of choice when wanting something refreshing? A CÎROC Vodka Spritz in his “favorite” flavor, Pineapple Passion.

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A music lover, he has a few tunes he loves to listen to while chilling.

“I love Ismael Rivera, he sings salsa, I love Bob Marley a lot, Cultura Profetica, I love The Weeknd, he’s a major inspiration,” he says. “Post Malone, I love [him] too.”

And while we’re on the topic of sunny, poolside hangs, let’s just say Jhayco’s summer was very epic. As in, Ibiza epic.

“My summer was really, really super fun. I really had the time to be with my friends. We went to Ibiza two times, and we went to Barcelona,” he says. “I really had a lot of fun. I was just traveling, I was on my Europe tour. But in between I got a break and I went to Ibiza. I went to all these islands.”

In between his tour, music releases and a bit of vacation time, is Jhayco thinking of more tattoos? Of course.

“I am thinking about more. I have to finish my leg, and I’m looking where I have space to do more. But yes, definitely. Maybe five or six more,” he laughed. “It’s coming.”

Here’s what “Ex-Special” means to Jhayco, including having “no hate” for a “special ex”

Of course, we had to ask Jhayco all about the meaning behind his new Peso Pluma collab. By the title alone, “Ex-Special,” we knew it explored the topic of exes. Still, as the Puerto Rican singer put it, it’s a completely new take on the subject.

“I think everybody has a special ex,” he said. “And it’s something that nobody puts out there, you know? People always have to be at war with their ex.”

He clarified, “With this song, it’s just like, maybe we didn’t end up in the best circumstances, but there’s no hate.”

“I’m doing a song to let you know whaat’s really happening in my heart and in my mind right now, but everything’s cool,” he added. “It’s a super great message that nobody really puts out there.”

One thing we didn’t see on our bingo card, though? Jhayco’s thoughts on aliens.

With recent news of extraterrestrials possibly being among us, we thought we’d ask Jhayco about what he thinks of the very-real possibility aliens exist… because well, why not?

“I do believe in them…I would show them my whole new album.” Aliens perreando to Jhayco’s dembow? Honestly, a perfect welcome to planet Earth.

The “Dakiti” singer has been hard at work this month on tour in Mexico, and is gearing up for all of his U.S. shows this year. “Being [in Mexico], and seeing how people reacted to songs,” he recalled, “Just really made me really, really excited about what was going to happen in the U.S. tour.”

Adding, “It gave me to also make it better. But I just, I just already see the energy, and the show. So I’m excited to see it all come together.”

Of course, we can’t talk about Jhayco’s tour without noticing the artist’s tour style. One look at the Puerto Rican singer’s Instagram shows his fun outfit combinations, including printed collared shirts, tie-dye, flared pants and cool jewelry.

“I’m only in boots, I’m loving boots right now, and Vans,” he claims. “All my fans know I always have a lot of details, just like accessories, I love accessories, I love belts.”

He says he’s a “simple” guy, with a signature go-to look: “I think a white tee, the tattoos, and some boots, it’s so fire.”

About that futuristic, video game-esque “Holanda” music video? Well, that’s the new Jhayco

Jhayco’s music video for “Holanda” which he released this summer is… a ride.

Viewers are taken through an apocalyptic, video game-esque rollercoaster through a wasted city, where we watch the artist transform into a bat. Flying off buildings while singing about a woman who later becomes a piece of art.

Of course, we had to ask the singer about his inspirations behind the clip. He described how it’s a bienvenida into his new “world” and image, a dark, fun take on being a rockstar.

“I thought about what I am and what I represent in the genre, and what space I could take, and what I can represent that resonates with me, with my day to day,” he explained.

“I love to party, and not like in a club or anything, just in the studio, and work… for me, that’s rocking out,” he continued. “So when when you find something that goes with you, and you link with it, everything just comes to your mind.”

For him, “Holanda” was all about creating a new world.

“I’m really happy that I was able to really bring it to life so effectively,” he said. “I really wanted to create this world where this music is, and this album is a whole new world.”

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