If you haven’t seen videos of La Monja de le Feria dancing around various Mexican fairs yet — well, let us bless your Monday:

Usually set to the electronic remix of the iconic norteño song “Las Monjitas” by Grupo Exterminador, the Monja de le Feria’s dance routine is remarkable. In fact, while the dressed-up nun performs in different fairs throughout Mexico, she always dances upon a spinning ride. But not just any spinning rides… these juegos mecánicos go at lightning speed.

How does La Monja de la Feria keep her balance while perreando and doing all that fancy footwork on the ride? We actually have no idea. Any average human would get dizzy, fall down, or, conversely, need a brown paper bag stat. But our favorite masked nun just keeps dancing and doesn’t miss a beat. What is this sorcery?

Well, even though seeing the dancer’s routines really made us believe in magic, we finally know their secret identity. And now that we know the human behind the eerie mask, we’re fangirling even harder. Here’s everything to know about the Monja de la Feria’s true identity.

La Monja de la Feria is inspiring countless fans to watch her dance routine at Mexican traveling fairs

While attending a feria in Mexico is a bucket list activity, the iconic nun’s routine just made it even funner. As you can see in this TikTok video that has garnered 72 million views, La Monja de la Feria’s routine consists of dancing in the middle of a dizzying ride.

You can hear the remixed lyrics, “De Durango salieron dos monjas, a las dos o tres de la mañana.” Meanwhile, the performer practically moonwalks in place while stirring up the crowd. Completely unaffected by the ride’s movement, the masked nun starts her smooth, super-cool dance routine. Yes, we’re big fans.

Here, you can see how la monja sometimes brings special guests up to her stage, such as Señor Marcianito. The duo we didn’t know we needed:

Other impressive videos show La Monja de la Feria’s insane balance. While we will likely slip and fall on any smooth surface (we’re looking at you, grocery aisles), this performer is out of this world. How?!

And yes, the Monja de la Feria’s routine has gone so viral, she is quickly becoming a must-see superstar in Mexico. Look at the crowds she attracts:

Us? Well, we’re so inspired, we can safely say our Halloween costume situation has been solved:

Now, the masked nun’s identity has finally been revealed

As reported by TikToker @fernandacortesx, la Monja de la Feria’s identity has finally been revealed — and we know the real dancer behind the nun mask.

As Cortes described, “Her name is Pamela Jasso Pérez and she is from Guanajuato [México].” Insanely enough, the performer is just 17 years old, making her story even more impressive.

As one TikTok user commented, “She’s SEVENTEEN?!?! OMG THE TALENT.” Another added, “She could literally do world tours 😂.” Where can we buy tickets?

Yet another wrote, “She is so dope!!! And she’s only 17 wow 🤩.”

David Anaya Solís, the editor of the publication Más Durango, broke the story of la Monja de la Feria’s identity on TikTok. Solís interviewed the masked nun behind the scenes, and when he asked her to lift her mask, she happily obliged:


¿La habías visto? Revelan identidad de la monja más viral de TikTok. por favor apoyen a la monja y a su esposo, sigan sus redes sociales @la monja tagada oficiala, @LA MONJA681

♬ original sound – David Anaya Solís

In the video reveal, Jasso Pérez explained to the interviewer that her dance routine is an ode to a friend who passed away.

So how does it feel to be recognized for her amazing dance routines? “I feel great. I feel like I’m remembering my friend, and I know that his wife is thankful that we’re [honoring] him like this.”

Jasso Pérez also spoke directly to her fans: “Thank you for supporting me.” Still, she said she does not have any personal social media pages to promote her work yet.

Another video posted by Solís shows la Monja de la Feria speaking more about her backstory. In it, she explains, that she simply “likes” dancing. She adds, “My husband found the song and told me, ‘Since you’re dressed like a nun, we have to do it.'”

Over on social media, it’s safe to say that people cannot get enough of Jasso Pérez’s performances. As one X user put it, it’s their “favorite trend” on the internet right now:

We all want to meet Jasso Pérez now. She’s a superstar:

Forget regular choreography… we just want to watch dance routines on warp-speed spinning rides now:

Oh, the world doesn’t revolve around us? Well, tell that to our favorite Monja de la Feria: