Tomas Cam and Massiel Pereyra have a unique love story that left TikTok speechless— and with good reason. The couple from Lima, Peru do tons of cute, couple-y challenges on the app, like “25 questions” and dance videos. Pretty standard (albeit adorable!) fare. However, they actually met under very unexpected circumstances: while studying to be a priest and nun at their university. In fact, Cam devoted his life to priesthood for seven years, while Pereyra was a nun for six.

By a stroke of luck, both Cam and Pereyra left the church around the same time, and soon reconnected. While they did meet while devoting their lives to religion, nothing romantic happened until years later. That being said, their love story is still one for the books — so get your popcorn ready!

Everything to know about the Peruvian former nun and priest who eventually fell in love

Back in October 2022, Cam went TikTok viral for simply answering the question of why he hadn’t met his now-girlfriend before. The video first showcases cute relationship photos of the two of them, and then shows why love was pretty impossible for them a few years back. As you can see in subsequent photos, Cam was a man of the cloth— and of course, Pereyra was a nun.

The clip quickly racked up three million views, with one user writing, “I need the entire chisme.” Countless were shocked, commenting “What a plot twist,” while even more begged “Story time pleaseeeeee.”

Cam did not expect people to react so swiftly to the video, and gave us all what we needed by posting a three-part video about their love story. Yep, not all heroes wear capes (or priest vestments).

As the former priest from Lima, Peru explained in a follow-up video, the two did know each other before — but not in a romantic capacity. He talked about how he had to study for six years in order to be a priest: three years devoted to philosophy, and the last three years for theology. Cam met Pereyra in those “first three years,” when they studied together. They “didn’t talk much,” though, except when she would help him with his notes.

While they only talked “three times” during their years studying, sparks flew once they left the church

As Cam explains, he was “focused on himself,” helping young people study for their confirmation. He also went on several missions during this time. Meanwhile, Pereyra was “super focused” on her studies, but retired from the convent after six years. She got a head-start on “regular life,” while Cam didn’t leave the church until one year later. Why? As he puts it, he simply “didn’t want that in his life” anymore.

Once that happened, everything was fair game— and Pereyra added him on Instagram. Just like many other couples, they got their start by sliding into the DMs, and soon planned their first date.

Cam laughs that about his now-girlfriend picking a very romantic location for that first official encounter. She suggested they see each other at Lima’s iconic Puente de los Suspiros in Barranco, which is known for sparking love. In fact, there’s even a cool tradition there: couples walk across the bridge holding their breath so all their dreams come true.

No word on whether they took part in the tradition, but Cam remembers thinking: “[Massiel] va con todo.” We stan! Once they saw each other for the first time since leaving the church, they both looked different. The former priest recalled: “I saw her very different, so pretty, with her beautiful smile and her unique style. So special.”

Still, they really fell for each other once they started speaking. Cam describes how it was like a movie, when “one person talks and the other can’t even hear,” and all they do is stare. “That happened to me… I just wanted to keep listening to her.”

Their date was a success: they spoke four hours drinking coffee and promised to meet up again.

Although Pereyra wanted to go to Spain, it seems like love might’ve gotten in the way of that plan

By part three, Cam shared how he had to win Pereyra over. He recalls making a watercolor floral painting for her that read, “I loved being with you yesterday,” and sending her flowers and gifts. “I started courting her, but she wouldn’t let me… She was making plans to go to Spain.”

While Pereyra wanted to move, Cam eventually knew it was time to confess his love for her. He told her, “I don’t know what the future will hold, but I want to be in yours.” And that was that.

They’ve been nearly a year together, and by the looks of it, are still happily devoting their life… to each other.