Between the constant paparazzi, hate from all sides of the internet fandoms, and a new feud that threatens to tear them apart, we have to ask…do Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner even like each other anymore? It seems that, in just a few weeks, the controversial new couple pissed off just about everyone on the planet. That can’t be fun, right?

Well, maybe for the rest of us. But not for them. At least according to some anonymous sources. A recent anonymous post from the popular gossip blog DeuxMoi suggests Jenner is not too happy about any drama surrounding her new relationship. And she’s reportedly pretty mad about Benito’s new song.

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Benito throws shade at Kendall Jenner’s ex, Devin Booker

It all started with a song. Not even a whole song, just a feature. Making an appearance on Eladio Carrión’s new track, “Coco Chanel,” Benito used part of his verse to fire shots at Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker. The verse, most likely recorded in the last couple of weeks, doesn’t focus on Booker outside of these lyrics.

But still, it’s pretty soon in the relationship to be sneak dissing someone’s ex. He even makes a seemingly direct reference to Jenner with the lyric, “Scorpio women are dangerous.” Jenner, whose birthday is November 3, is a Scorpio.

As far as Booker goes, he raps, “I’m not bad, baby that’s a gimmick / But the sun in Puerto Rico is hotter than in Phoenix / She knows it.” It’s a pretty mild diss overall, but it is already causing quite a bit of an issue between him and Jenner, according to an anonymous source. Especially because she reportedly had no idea about it.

Jenner reacts to Bad Bunny’s new song

So, taking tips from an anonymous source as irrefutable evidence is a bad idea. However, DeuxMoi is still one of the more reputable gossip blogs out there. The unnamed sources they recruit come to the table with insider knowledge that nobody else can get.

Recently, an anonymous source submitted a story about a “reality star and model” who is “adamant about keeping a low profile when it comes to her love life.” If that weren’t enough to help connect the dots, this next part pretty much confirms the identities of those involved without having to say their names.

“It seems like things might have taken a turn for the worse,” the source said. “Sources reveal that she’s been left mortified after her new fling released some not-so-nice lyrics about her ex-boyfriend, whom she recently ended a long-term relationship with.”

Jenner had no idea about the verse and reportedly feels “used and betrayed” by the whole situation. The pair allegedly had holiday plans that were “cut short” recently. The unnamed celebrity is now back in LA and refuses “to talk to anyone about what happened.”

Devin Booker posts and then deletes a response on Instagram

For his part, Booker briefly responded to the Bad Bunny verse with an Instagram comment. Booker commented on a page dedicated to news about popular reggeatón and hip-hop musicians.

Here’s the original post on Instagram:

Booker commented, “He worried about another MAN again,” before deleting it soon after. This was probably a good idea. Hinting at Bad Bunny’s sexuality to make a joke at his expense is…not a good look. In fact, it’s probably a bit worse than anything Benito said in the song.

Honestly, this whole beef is already starting to become annoying. Nobody involved in this bizarre love triangle seems to care what happens one way or the other. It was fun for a while; we had our laughs and made our memes. But at this point, the whole thing is getting childish.