If you were still wondering what made Kendall Jenner fall for Bad Bunny, just watch the new carpool karaoke with James Corden.

The Puerto Rican rapper made his debut on the famous British host’s segment by cruising the streets of Los Angeles to accompany him to work.

But it was not just any episode.

James Corden’s carpool karaoke always tried to make us feel close to our famous artists. But between an acrobatic Madonna and Celine Dion painfully giving away her favorite shoes, the segment always put more distance than it cut.

Until Bad Bunny came along.

In addition to singing hits like “Dakiti,” “I Like It,” and “Tití Me Preguntó” in his carpool karaoke, Benito gave us moments of tenderness and details about his life that we didn’t know.

First of all, what a manicure!

Whether it’s the cameras or Bad Bunny’s body language, in the carpool karaoke with James Corden, the protagonist is definitely the rapper’s manicure. 

In the best style of his idol, Daddy Yankee, El Conejo Malo takes care of every detail in his urban styling. From his perfect curls to the perfectly trimmed beard, we can even imagine what perfume the singer was wearing.

The origin of the name ‘Bad Bunny’

Sometimes they say that what kills beauty is being conscious of it. But Bad Bunny is the exception to the rule.

With his puppy dog eyes, Benito explained to James Corden that although he never thought he would become so famous, his artist name has much to do with his personality.

“My first concept of the artist I wanted to be was [to be] the kind of artist that doesn’t reveal his identity,” he told Corden. “I wanted to wear a bunny mask.”

“I never wanted to be so famous,” he added. “But then I just went with the flow.”

“Why would you cover up such a beautiful face?” Corden asked. And with a flirtatious half-smile, Bad Bunny replies, “Yeah.”

But why Bad Bunny?

“No matter how bad [a bunny is], it is still cute,” Benito answered with a smile.

“That’s me,” he says, looking at the camera. “I’m a good guy. I’m cute.”

Bad Bunny, in fact, has a good pitch

Let’s face it. When it comes to urban music, we all know that autotune does 90% of the work. But it turns out Benito has a tone and pitch worthy of a… well, carpool karaoke.

The Puerto Rican singer sounds exactly like he does on his records.

Even when singing “I Like it Like That,” Benito manages to improvise the choruses in — almost — correct harmony and closes with an operatic fragment.

And we must give James Corden points for learning the last words of every phrase of Bad Bunny’s songs. It almost seems as if he knows what he’s saying.

Benito almost didn’t make it to the Grammy Awards

We all know moving cities is complicated — especially if you’re moving to Los Angeles.

As Bad Bunny explained to Corden, the artist almost didn’t make it in time to open the Grammy Awards.

In fact, with eight minutes to go before the show started, Benito wasn’t in the Crypto Arena.

“Yo estaba sudando [I was sweating],” the singer said, reliving the panic. 

The reason? Benito had to work out.

“I had to work out,” he said to Corden’s amazement. “The rehearsal was at 9 am. The Grammys [were at] 5pm. When am I supposed to do the whole day?”

“That day, I thought, ‘I have time to go home, work out, take a shower, and go back,'” Benito said with the same face we all make when we think we can leave home at 9:15 and get to work at 9.

“I think I learned the lesson,” he said.

Bad Bunny can’t remember the last time he pumped gas

Okay, maybe this isn’t so relatable. But Bad Bunny’s nonverbal language makes it so that it’s impossible to miss.

When talking about his impromptu concert on the roof of a gas station in Puerto Rico, Corden tries to joke by asking the singer if people were confused when they saw him pumping gas, thinking it was actually a free concert.

Bad Bunny tries to answer in English but forgets how to say “echar gasolina,” and his face is a poem.

Bad Bunny’s first passion was drawing

Benito told the host that, as a kid, he spent hours drawing.

“My whole life, I’ve been a creative artist,” the singer said, slurring the last syllables like someone who mocks himself for calling himself an “artist.”

Attempting to draw in the car with Corden, we can only be grateful that the singer traded the pencil for the microphone.

In fact, his drawing of Corden ended up looking like Donald Trump.

The only song Bad Bunny can sing entirely in English is ‘Break Free’ by Ariana Grande

Remember the first song you learned in English?

Bad Bunny does, too. In fact, the singer has his fangirl moment in the car when Corden plays Ariana Grande’s “Break Free.”

“I think this is the English song that I know [the most],” he says after trying to hit the high notes. “I listen to English music,” he says before stopping everything to follow the lyrics.

The happiest moment of his life

Finally, Bad Bunny explains his love for wrestling. In fact, the artist assures that there are many references to wrestling in his songs.

When the WWE invited him to participate, the singer knew that what he wanted was to wrestle.

“I was really scared,” he added. “I’m not 100% sure, but I think [that day] was the best day of my life,” he said.

Later, Benito takes Corden to train in a wrestling ring and invites wrestling icon, Rey Mysterio.

As they say goodbye in the car, Corden tries to say “muchas gracias” in Spanish, and Bad Bunny, as happens to any Latino, almost drops his imitation of the host’s accent.

Is he or is he not the most relatable artist in history?