Spotify Wrapped has arrived like a cozy care package of Christmas tamales, and we’re very here for it. In case you haven’t checked yours yet, head to Spotify stat. There, you’ll find your yearly roundup of all the music you jammed to the most this year — as well as your “listening character” (anyone else get the very-scientific “Alchemist” title?).

This year’s Spotify Wrapped gave us tons of new content, including those 12 “listening character” titles that describe the way we consume music and the city that best describes the soundtrack of our lives. It’s all very, very cool — making us vouch for declaring Spotify Wrapped Day a holiday next year:

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Even better, this year’s Spotify Wrapped data brings many new milestones for música Latina. In fact, 2023 became the year with the largest number of top-charting Latin songs in Spotify’s history. The last 12 months gave us eight number-one Latino hits, too. This included  “Un x100to” by Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny, “LALA” by Myke Towers, and “TQG” by Karol G and Shakira.

There are 16 Latino artists in Spotify’s top 50 globally streamed acts, including Bad Bunny at number two, and Peso Pluma at number five. Speaking of “La Doble P,” Peso Pluma is making his debut on Spotify’s top 50 artists this year… in the top five with over nine billion streams. Let that sink in!

Even more, 2023 gave us five música Mexicana artists in the global yearly top 50: Peso Pluma, Junior H, Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida, and Grupo Frontera. Is this an actual list of your own Spotify Wrapped top five? You’re not alone!

Overall, “Ella Baila Sola” by Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma was this year’s most-streamed Latino song. Meanwhile, “Un Verano Sin Ti” by Bad Bunny held on as the most-streamed album in the world. And when it comes to the biggest global Latino artists, Bad Bunny topped the list, followed by Peso Pluma, Feid, Karol G, and Junior H.

Yes, we’re in our Regional Mexican and perreo era all at once. And we’re keeping it that way, thank you:

With all this exciting data about música Latina, we’re celebrating by analyzing what your top artist says about you. Are you a lime-green-loving, “Classy 101” Ferxxo “Mor”? Bad Bunny ’til your last days stan? Or did you maybe pay Shakira’s hacienda deuda with your listening habits? Either way, your top music this year says a lot about you.

1. Feid

If Feid was your top artist this year, then your heart obviously beats lime green. And you may have considered wearing green hair extensions for your upcoming TikTok video to “BUBALU.” You may say “Mor” unironically for every situation under the sun (i.e.: “Gracias, Mor” to your local supermarket cashier).

You’re also open to trying new things, and may consider yourself a bit of an adventurer. Why? Well, while everyone and their abuelas were still in their Benito era back in January… you already couldn’t get enough of “Yandel 150.” And when “Classy 101” featuring Young Miko came out come March? Your love was cemented.

2. Karol G

We couldn’t analyze top artist preferences without including Karol G, who just became 2023’s most-streamed Latina artist in the world. If you loved La Bichota more than any other artist this year, you are strong-willed, determined, and fierce. Still, you have a surprisingly soft side. In short, you’re basically the human equivalent of a super-sour hard candy with a syrupy-sweet center.

If you couldn’t stop listening to Karol G’s album “Mañana Será Bonito” this year, you are the epitome of “llorando mientras perreo.” You may know heartbreak all too well, and you might have needed Gucci paños to wipe your tears. Tóxicos or not, though, you found solace in the ukelele rhythm of “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora,” and loved perreando to “TQG,” of course.

And once the album’s follow-up “Bichota Season” dropped with “QLONA” and “OKI DOKI”? We were all healed.

3. Bad Bunny

If you hung on to stanning Bad Bunny more than all other acts this year, we have to break it to you… you may be a traditionalist. You might find solace in watching “Friends” reruns for the fifteenth time in a row, or watch the same movie every Thanksgiving (either “Rocky” or “Titanic,” we don’t make the rules). If you find a shirt you love, you buy it in every color. Your mantra? “If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.”

You might be thinking: “What? Bad Bunny is anything but traditional!” and you’re not wrong. However, the “Moscow Mule” star did hold the title of Spotify’s most-streamed global artist for three years straight. Bad Bunny has been El Rey de Reggaetón for a while now, so your unwavering support makes you a loyal ride-or-die.

4. Shakira

Speaking about ride-or-dies, the same might go for all of you Shakira number-one fans. If Shakira has consistently made your top artists list since you opened your Spotify account, you can recite every-damn-word of the sweetly heartbreaking “Antología,” and “Ciega, Sordomuda” is your go-to karaoke song… you’re a lover of poetry, authenticity, and yes, the classics.

If Shakira was your top artist this year, you might also admittedly love a good comeback. Do you find yourself always rooting for the underdog team? Well, Shaki’s Bizarrap session may have struck a chord with you, and you might not be able to see Gerard Piqué ni en pinturas. You love empowering people, and you may even consider yourself an empath — that, or maybe you’ve been through some heartbreak of your own.

Either way, you undoubtedly love it when people keep it real, and do the same in your own life.

5. Peso Pluma

Ah, the Peso Pluma stans. If La Doble P was your top artist this year, then let’s just say it — you’re cool. You jump on new music as soon as it’s released, and are always on the cutting edge of fashion, films, and TikTok trends. You may be actually young… or at the very least, young at heart! Friends flock to you to make their Nochevieja playlists, and you fill them with fire classics like Héctor Lavoe and Los Ángeles Azules, plus Peso Pluma and Natanael Cano, of course.

You might have a seriously enviable sneaker closet, aren’t scared of trying new things, and may listen to “La Bebe (Remix)” at 7 AM on the way to work.

6. Ice Spice

If Ice Spice topped your list, then you would be happy if your entire world was baby pink, glittery, and Y2K-themed. You may have a crystal-studded, early-2000s Sidekick just for kicks, and you take your sparkly tumbler filled with iced coffee everywhere. Regarding music, you are a fan of any sickeningly-good beat, and you love a wide range of artists. While Ice Spice was your number-one artist this year, you also love to jam to old-school Britney Spears, “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent, “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj, and maybe even some RBD.

When it comes to your personality, you are equal parts sweet and spicy. You may also be happily enjoying the single life right now, and are always the life of the party. That… and your ‘fits are jaw-dropping.

7. Kali Uchis

If you’re a die-hard Kali Uchis fan from her mid-2010s “Por Vida” glam retro hits, all the way through the “Tyrant” days, her “Telepatía” psychedelic masterpiece, and her latest Karol G collab, “Labios Mordidos,” well… you have our heart.

Kali Uchis being your number one artist this year means you probably adored her latest album “Red Moon In Venus,” and love a chill, relaxing moment. You may be a self-professed homebody, and you might be very in tune with the natural world. Not exactly a hiking aficionado? Well, you may always have fresh roses and candles lit in your home and love lying on the grass in your local park looking up at the trees.

Just like the Colombian-American songstress’s “I Wish You Roses” dictates, you are not una tóxica. You wish your exes well, and in fact — you spread positive vibes wherever you go.

8. Bizarrap

Bizarrap fans had quite a year, seeing the 25-year-old Argentine DJ and all-around shy guy become one of the most recognizable acts in the world. You may have been a BZRP fan for several years now, remembering when he dropped his epic Nicki Nicole session back in 2019, followed by his songs with Cazzu and Nathy Peluso in 2020 (Peluso’s “I’m a nasty girl, fantastic, este c*lo es natural, no plastic” lyric lives in our heads rent-free).

You are open to every genre as long as the song is good, readily loving Residente‘s tell-all eight-minute Bizarrap session just as much as Quevedo‘s chart-topping anthem, Shakira’s pop masterpiece, and Villano Antillano‘s rap session because it’s… incredible.

As a Bizarrap fan, you may love making rap freestyles in your spare time, and have a major creative side. You dress comfortably but always fresh in lounge-y streetwear and prefer an album-listening party at home rather than clubbing. You’re also big on deep conversations, but only with your close circle.

9. Fuerza Regida

Finally, if Fuerza Regida was your Spotify Wrapped top artist, you are unapologetically romanticón but also love to party. And seeing as the San Bernardino, California-based Regional Mexican band was named the fifth most-streamed Latino act in the U.S. this year… that makes a lot of us who wear our hearts on our sleeves while dancing in the club.

This year, vocalist Jesús “JOP” Ortíz Paz and the rest of the band gave us “Pa Las Baby’s Y Belikeada,” an album with hits like “Harley Quinn” and the party-ready “Sabor Fresa” (always set for us to sing, “Aquí no le bajamos, siempre beliqueando). If you couldn’t stop listening to those tracks, and the Shakira-assisted “El Jefe,” you are probably a social butterfly who says exactly what’s on your mind.

Just like the sincerity of the social commentary in “El Jefe,” and JOP’s personality, you always tell it like it is. Friends rely on you for always keeping it real, but you also love a good time. Yes, you’re the one who makes every night out that much funner… and will play “TQM” in the Uber.

Below, find an actual portrayal of us seeing our fire music taste in our Spotify Wrapped this year:

And yes, we want to see yours, because we are nothing if not chismosos: