Music fans have anxiously awaited 2023 to bring new Kali Uchis music.

In 2022, the Colombian singer-songwriter dropped soulful songs such as ‘La Única’ and ‘NO HAY LEY’. But left fans craving a full-length album.

Fans were left speechless when Kali hinted that she was working on releasing not one, but two albums.

Kali cleared the air eight months later, revealing she would drop two full albums in 2023.

In anticipation of the new album, Kali released the lead single for the LP titled “I Wish you Roses.” The track was followed by a music video directed by South Korean photographer Cho Gi Seok.

Much like the song itself, the video is sultry and alluring with images of flowers seen throughout different takes. The video ends with Kali laying down in the middle of a rose that closes up, which signals the release of a person who was a part of your life.

The song climbed the music charts following its release, but the music video has left a lasting impression on fans.

Fans quickly commented on the “Telepatia” singer’s Instagram saying, “KALI YOU DON’T GET IM SO OBSESSED.”

Similarly, another echoed, “thank you for this beautiful masterpiece you have released.”

Meanwhile, other fans appreciated Kali for the references made in the video with one user commenting “ugh the vocals and the american beauty reference >>”.

Kali, though, wasn’t quite done with the surprises.

Prior to the release of “I Wish You Roses,” she revealed that her first album of 2023, “Red Moon In Venus,” will be released March 3. She then kept audiences gasping when she announced that she’d be going on tour soon following her Coachella performance.

Kali already has a jam-packed 2023, so the question now is when is the second album dropping?

Click below to enjoy the full “Roses” video for yourself: