Mexican singer Christian Nodal and Argentine singer Cazzu officially announce that they are having a baby. Following weeks of rumors, the Latino power couple confirmed the news in a very unorthodox way.

Instead of doing the usual social media announcement, Cazzu revealed the news at one of her concerts by uncovering a baby bump.

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Cazzu uncovers her baby bump at a show in Buenos Aires

The artist was performing at Buenos Aires’ Movistar Arena when she took off the white coat she had on, revealing her bump to an entire crowd of fans. Cazzu stood on a platform that rose into the air before confirming the news. Honestly, the reveal wasn’t dissimilar to Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance.

As she broke the news to her fans, Cazzu asked the crowd, “Don’t you think I’m singing better?” Jokingly, she added, “It’s just that I feel that there are two of us singing now, like something is happening. I pee more often now, but hey.”

Watch a clip of Cazzu’s reveal here:

Here, you can see more of Cazzu addressing the crowd after taking off the coat:

Christian Nodal reacts… also on stage

Similarly, Nodal announced the pregnancy on stage at a concert in Mexico. Performing in Aguascalientes, Nodal addressed the crowd and let them know he’s “no longer a papacito” but a father, instead. The crowd, much like Cazzu’s, went absolutely nuts upon hearing the news.

Nodal and his former fiancée, Belinda, surprised fans everywhere after announcing their breakup in 2022. Nodal proposed to Belinda in 2021, following a year of dating each other publicly. However, by February of the next year, the couple was announcing the end of their relationship.

However, fans spotted Nodal and Cazzu together soon after the end of his relationship with Belinda. The couple went public a few months later and are now preparing to raise their first child together.

Yes, people are already making memes about this

If you thought the internet would hold back on two heavily-tattooed musicians having a baby together, you would be wrong. Social media is ablaze with reactions. For the most part, people are happy to see these two starting a family. Even still, there’s no harm in having a little fun with it.

It might be low-hanging fruit, but let’s be honest: this thought crossed everyone’s mind.

Elsewhere, someone is happy that Cazzu is pregnant. They’re just not thrilled about who the father is.

Similarly, some longtime fans of Cazzu and her ex, Argentine rapper C.R.O., are noticing his support of her despite their relationship ending in 2020.

One person on Twitter wonders: what does this union mean for diplomatic relations between Mexico and Argentina?

And lastly, one guy was so far behind the news he didn’t even know the two were dating.