Residente recently released his new song, “Bajo y batería,” marking the start of another chapter in his rivalry with Cosculluela.

The Puerto Rican singer also unveiled a black-and-white music video criticizing his colleague for nine minutes. Yes, it got intense.

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The video features the artist wearing a white T-shirt and his brand’s cap, accompanied by a bassist and a drummer.

The feud between the two rappers is long, but we’re breaking down every detail from the start. 

A kiss between Tokischa and Villano Antillano in Puerto Rico triggered their lyrical war

According to La República, the feud started with a concert in Puerto Rico where Tokischa and Villano Antillano kissed.  

Cosculluela strongly disapproved of the artists’ kiss, labeling it “immoral and harmful to the youth.” In response, Residente criticized his compatriot, accusing him of being “hypocritical” for singing about sex and weapons.

Subsequently, Residente appeared in a photo on social media shared by the Dominican dembow star, further emphasizing his stance.

In retaliation, Cosculluela released “René Renuncia,” not only replicating the same rhythm as the song “Atrévete,” but also implying that Residente is not from PR and only focuses on talking about J Balvin.

Commenting on the post, Cosculluela challenged Residente by saying, “Do not challenge me! I’m going to give you a ride! The devil invented fear. Let’s give people a round.”

Shortly after, Residente responded with his nine-minute song titled “Cosquillita.” In the track, he highlights Cosculluela’s privileged background, accusing him of falsely portraying himself as being from the streets.

Another notable point is that in 2014, Residente released the track “Adentro,” where he didn’t directly name the target of his criticism. However, sometime later, he confirmed it was for Coscu. 

Cosculluela responded through his Instagram with a shocking retaliation

Coscu quickly voiced his opinion on social media, dismissing those who enjoyed the song as not knowing music.

“It doesn’t rhyme; he throws in a rhyme, then adds 80 bars, and then another rhyme below. Well, [fans] are wrong; they don’t know anything about music”.

Adding, “Music is not for that; music is made for people to dance. That’s trash, but let’s go, bring it on.”

The Boricua also posted a photo in a studio creating new music, captioning it “Finished.” Is a new diss track coming out?

Residente posted a video a day before announcing the song — and it lived up to the hype

One day before the release of “Bajo y batería,” the singer presented a sneak peek of what he was preparing in a video. In the clip, he talked with a priest about whether to continue with this controversy or not.

While opinions vary on social media and fans support their favorites, the impact of this track is incredible. It has over two million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours and has become a global music trend.

“They can’t do it, no matter how much they keep trying. Out of this world,” wrote artist Danny Romero on Instagram.

Others praised the cinematic quality:

“I’m selling popcorn and renting a clinic for Cosculluela,” wrote another Instagram follower.

Some pointed out the new track “Residente no eres rapero” by Venezuelan Akapellah dropped a few hours ago.