Argentine-born, Barcelona-based artist Nathy Peluso has taken the world by storm with her eclectic sound: from pop, jazz, hip-hop, salsa and everything in between, Nathy has covered a lot of ground music-wise and her popularity keeps on rising.

Nathy was selected by Spotify for their RADAR US program for her gender-bending approach to music. To date, Nathy has been streamed over 450 million times on the platform and has been added to over 190 playlists including Hits Virales España, Viva Latino, Hits Urbanos, and Fresh Finds Latin.

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As part of the RADAR US program, Spotify did a mini-documentary on Nathy Peluso where we get to see the Argentinian singer talk about her roots, influences, family and her creative process.

The documentary gives fans an in-depth look into Nathy’s life. The doc starts off off with scenes of her growing up in Argentina and being exposed to different types of music from an early age. Accompanied by family videos, we see Nathy incorporating dances and theatrics that are now part of her performances. In one video dancing with her mom, Nathy looks back at how her mom’s musical taste influenced her and nothing was ever off-limits.

“There were no limits you know? She let me listen to a lot of music, Brazilian, tango, folkloric. Minimalistic music, music for adults. People think that you should have kids listen only to kids music, but I believe music doesn’t have an age.” – Nathy Peluso

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The documentary gives a look at Nathy rehearsing for the Calambre Tour.

We learn about Nathy’s team and what they think about her and her work ethic. The documentary explores Nathy beyond her being just a singer-songwriter, she likes to do musical arrangements, stage design, and more. She’s the type of artist that likes to be involved in every aspect of her performances.

“It wasn’t a supreme goal to fill stadiums, or to be a pop star or be famous. Not at all. My only interest was to get in touch with the arts, learn about life from art and constantly nourish myself and share that with others.” – Nathy Peluso

Everything about Nathy is threaded by fusion.

Nathy’s critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Calambre‘ shows the singer’s versatility in genres from lyrical hip-hop to pop-inspired anthems. She’s made waves online with her viral BZRP Sessions with Argentine producer Bizarrap, which has over 257 million views.

More recently, Nathy was featured on “GATO MALO” from Karol G’s latest album KG0516, which happened to be one of our standout tracks from the record. Nathy’s latest release is the salsa-inspired single “MAFIOSA”.

Spotify’s Radar Presents: Nathy Peluso gives fans an up-close-and-personal look into one of Latin music’s next biggest stars. This is only the beginning for Nathy’s stardom.

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