Karol G sings all your favorites. From “Bichota” to this year’s “TQG,” the Colombian singer’s music has reached international acclaim and led her to collaborate with other stars, like Shakira and Carla Morrison.

But one track you won’t find her on is “Sin Pijama,” a 2018 single by Becky G featuring Natti Natasha. At the time, the song caused a big splash after just a few weeks on streaming platforms.

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While the reggaeton single became a huge hit, many criticized it for what they said were raunchy lyrics and a hyper-sexualized music video.

Even Karol G shared her opinions about it. Revealing in an interview that she was asked to collaborate on the song by Becky G first. However, she ended up turning down the offer because the lyrics felt too strong for her.

Karol G felt “Sin Pijama” didn’t align with her values back then

According to her interview with “La Música,” some parts of “Sin Pijama” did not align with her views, particularly bits that were added to the lyrics later on.

“I told Becky: if you don’t smoke marijuana, and I don’t either, why are we going to put that in the song?” she shared. Adding she also had issues with the line where they refer to themselves as “perras” in bed.

In a 2021 wide-ranging interview with “MoluscoTV,” TV and radio personality, Jorge Pabón asked her why she turned down the song despite having lyrics in her more recent albums that are just as explicit, if not more.


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“I was raised in a very conservative family in Medellín, Colombia,” she shared. “I grew up with a chip in my brain that told me that was wrong. So I expressed that in the interview at the time. I didn’t think anything of it.”

But now, she said she’s no longer that person. Adding that with age, her values have changed. She claimed she had recorded parts of the song, but once she heard the new lyrics added, she decided to back away from the project.

Despite not working on “Sin Pijama” together, Karol G and Becky G collaborated on the huge hit “MAMIII” later on

Even Karol G’s dad and manager, Guillermo Giraldo, weighed in on the debate.

“When ‘Sin Pijama’ came out, it was a huge hit and we wanted to be there,” he told Telemundo’s “Suelta la Sopa” about a year after the single’s release. “Karol and I had a conversation and thought it was better to adapt and take the risk.”

Since then, the two reggaeton superstars collaborated on “MAMIII,” a 2022 bouncy, feel-good anthem that peaked at number 15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Still, fans on TikTok were quick to debate her choice to turn down the feature once again. While some called her out for having a “double standard” with her music and changing her mind in recent years to have broader appeal, others backed her up and applauded her honesty.

“People still criticize me for that decision today,” she said in the resurfaced clip. “But I was real to who I was in that moment.”