From Honoring Her Abuelo to Tributing Mexican Culture — Unforgettable Moments from Becky G’s ‘Mi Casa Es Su Casa’ Tour

Becky G’s “Mi Casa Es Su Casa tour” arrived in South Florida this weekend and watching it live was quite a treat. It was an extraordinary experience for the thousands of fans who filled the Hard Rock Live theater in Hollywood, Florida.

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An army of “Beasters”, as Becky G‘s fans call themselves, sang, danced, and moved with her. The artist, her musicians, dancers, and fans had an extraordinary experience. A celebration of the best of Mexican American and Latinx reality.

Here are the nine things that made Becky G’s concert unforgettable.

1. Her Mexican pride

Becky G’s performance was a stirring tribute to her Mexican heritage. She kicked off her Mexican set with the hit song “Chanel,” a collaboration with Peso Pluma. During the show, she donned a Mexican flag and made a heartfelt dedication to her roots and family.

The emotional high point came when she debuted her new song, “Querido Abuelo.” As the first live performance of this touching tribute, Becky G captivated the audience, not leaving a dry eye in the house. The singer herself was moved to tears, momentarily pausing her performance and eliciting a collective emotional response that even this writer couldn’t resist.


Becky G muestra lo que es ser 200% en su gira #micasaessucasatour tan mexicana como latina y como estadounidense #beaster #beckyg #mexicanamerican #mexicantiktok #vivamexico 200% mexico@Becky G #CapCut

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2. Her tribute to Selena Quintanilla

A decade ago, Becky G burst onto the scene with her vibrant homage to Jennifer Lopez in “Becky From the Block.” Fast forward to today, and her growth is undeniable.

Becky delivered a powerful tribute to the legendary Selena Quintanilla.

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3. Becky G brought her mom, her primo and a lot of friends to her show

As the show kicked off, Becky G introduced the opening DJ set with a familial touch, proclaiming, “That’s my primo up there!” Because, let’s be real, who doesn’t bring their primos, tíos, and hermanos to work?

4. Representing the 200%

Becky G is one of the strongest voices of the movement that proclaims that Latinx isn’t about being half American and half Latino, but a whole 200%. “It never felt right with me. I never felt half of anything. We are 100% Americans and 100% Latinos,” she said.

5. Corridos tumbados, balads and reggaeton

Becky G’s diverse repertoire stands as a testament to the expansive musical journey she’s embarked on throughout her career. “This show goes beyond just perreo,” she declared with confidence. Throughout the evening, she belted out her iconic reggaeton hits. She also introduced her latest tracks — many which beautifully reflected her proud Mexican heritage.


6. A trip down memory lane

The set list of the “Mi Casa Es Su Casa tour” encompasses the decade Becky G has spent on the public eye. She started with “Mayores,” her 2017 hit song with Bad Bunny, and closed with “Shower.” Of course she sang most of her greatest hits, including “Fulanito,” “Mala Santa,” and of course “MAMII.”

7. Becky G proved collaborating is better than competing

“Before diving into ‘Sin Pijama,’ Becky G reminisced about the initial skepticism over a collaboration between two female artists resonating with Urban Music enthusiasts.

“We proved them wrong,” she asserted, referencing her groundbreaking track with Natti Natasha. As the opening notes of “MAMII” played, she confidently added, “I didn’t think we could top it, but we did.”


8. Faithful fans

At the concert, the singer’s vivacity was undeniable. Her frequent exchanges with the audience illuminated her profound happiness and gratitude towards her fans. The Beasters, always loyal, turned up in droves sporting official concert merch. Many added personal touches like Tejana hats, while others wore t-shirts paying homage to Selena Q, further showcasing the profound connection between the artist and her fans.


9. A fully bilingual show

“‘Mi Casa Es Su Casa Tour'” brilliantly encapsulates the diverse tapestry of the Latinx youth experience in America. A seamless blend of Spanish and English, from the sultry beats of perreo to the vibrant rhythms of pasito duranguense and cumbia. It’s an emotional roller coaster, weaving together moments of raw tears and heartwarming laughter.