Becky G, 26, is under fire after announcing her role as Creative Director for the swimwear brand Gonza.

While she wrote on Instagram that she is “thrilled” to collaborate with the brand to “empower women,” critics allege Gonza was “stolen” from its Latina founders.

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In the official announcement, the “Sin Pijama” singer said Gonza “actively seeks to uplift Latin creatives across its entire business model.”

However, once the singer and the brand unveiled their new collection titled “De La Playa,” many critics expressed their disappointment.

One user wrote on Becky G’s Instagram post, “This brand was created by two Latina sisters based on their family name. It was then stolen from them.” Another added, “Love you but this is a stolen brand and screwed over the two Latina founders.”

That being said, others are finding holes in critics’ arguments — especially since the original Gonza founders are friends with tequila-brand-selling Kendall Jenner. Yes, a lot to take in! But we have all the details so far.

Venezuelan sisters Sofia and Victoria Villarroel initially created Gonza

Sisters Sofia and Victoria Villarroel, from Venezuela, created the swimwear brand Gonza. As per Marie Claire, they designed it for “the women that aren’t scared to stand out by wearing bold prints and colors.”

The brand quickly stood out on social media with bikini names paying homage to Latin American cities like Caracas. Even more, celebs like Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian posted themselves wearing Gonza bikinis in 2021.

So what happened? While inside details of the brand’s acquisition are unclear, by 2023, it had new ownership.

Ebony introduced Ryan Horne as Gonza’s founder in April 2023. At the time, he told the magazine, “This brand for me is extremely special and important because the starting point was when I had my child who is half Black and half Colombian.”

“That was the impetus for Gonza, a brand where women of color can really look at and see themselves reflected,” he said. “Building this out has truly been one of the greatest passions and successes I’ve had.”

Fast-forward to last week, and Gonza celebrated Becky G’s new position as Creative Director at the West Hollywood EDITION.

Meanwhile, Becky G wrote on Instagram, “I’m thrilled to take on this new challenge as Creative Director of [Gonza].”

“As a proud Latina, I’m joining GONZA to break boundaries, empower women, and redefine fashion,” she wrote.

However, critics quickly commented on how Gonza was “stolen” from the Villarroel sisters.

One wrote, “This is [Sofia Villarroel] and [Victoria Villarroel’s] beautiful company that they worked so hard to build. Supporting this is not empowering women and especially not Latina women.”

However, others chimed in about how the Villarroel sisters are friends with celebs like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. One IG user asked, “Where was everyone’s energy when Kendall was cosplaying Mexican culture for [her tequila brand] 818? 😂”

Victoria Villarroel responded to the backlash, but Becky G fans have thoughts

Victoria Villarroel took to Instagram to express how “disappointed” she is to see Becky G working with Gonza.

The designer, who founded a new swim brand called Casa Gamero with her sister, wrote, “It’s no secret that Gonza was named after our grandfather and created in honor of our heritage and story.”

“Extremely disappointed that Becky G would work with this brand that we creatively concepted and made popular in the mainstream.”

Villarroel wrote, “We have been silent due to potential ramifications, but [sister Sofia Villarroel] and I will no longer be silenced as the story of Gonza is ours only to share.”

Meanwhile, her friend Fai Khadra, another Kardashian pal, alleged on his own IG story: “[Victoria and Sofia Villarroel] got schemed by one of their investors and [got] locked out of the brand they started.”

He also called Becky G’s new role as Creative Director “outright wrong.”

Still, many fans are calling out Becky G’s critics as having “double standards”

On the flip side, not everyone finds the drama so convincing. One Twitter user called Khadra and the Villarroel’s friends Kendall and Kylie Jenner “idea stealers,” calling out Becky G’s critics for their “double standards.”

Many others have similar thoughts in Becky G’s comments section. One wrote, “Can we talk about the ‘Latinas’ you guys are attacking Becky G for though? Lol Victoria and Sophia are Kendall & Haley’s friends, lol. I’m not sure if these are the type of Latinas I am rooting for.”

Another added, “Nobody went this hard when Kendall [Jenner] presented TEQUILA, TEQUILA is from MEXICO part of our culture.”

Yet another wrote, “So the sisters speak up when they’re the ones getting ‘stolen’ from but apparently have duct tape over their mouths when their friends do the same exact thing.”

Meaning? Apart from Jenner having a tequila brand (why?!), Bieber also came under fire for allegedly trying to buy the brand name “Rhode” for her skincare line. The original Rhode, a clothing brand, says they denied her request — but then she used it anyway.

Gonza also responded to the drama, saying “both parties amicably decided to part ways”

Becky G still has not responded to the backlash, but Gonza did post an official statement on their Instagram.

The brand wrote, “The team at Gonza has always championed Latin creatives and will continue to do so in every new chapter for the brand…We want to provide clarity on our parting with the Villarroel sisters,” they wrote.

“In August 2022, both parties amicably decided to part ways. The decision to leave the brand was initiated by the Villarroel sisters,” they alleged. “They wished to pursue their own new venture.”

While the drama continues, and some continue to say how Becky G’s new partnership makes them “so sad,” others have questions.

Another person theorized on Becky G’s IG post, “Y’all understand companies don’t get ‘stolen’… What happened is they probably sold more shares than common sense dictates and lost the majority vote on the company. All for money.”

Of course, no one knows for sure what happened behind Gonza’s closed doors. Especially because the Villarroel sisters kept “silent” due to possible repercussions.

One more thing? Selena Gomez entered the chat… by allegedly following Becky G and commenting “Yas girl” on her Gonza collab IG announcement.

Of course, we know Gomez and Bieber had all sorts of drama earlier this year. What does this all mean? Only time will tell!